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Natural Products for Sunburn Relief

It’s hard to totally avoid getting sunburned. Sometimes the sun’s rays are deceptively strong, or you forget to apply sunscreen or it washes off while swimming. Still, however it happened the result is the same – hot, sore skin you can’t bear to touch.

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It’s important to treat sun damaged skin as quickly as possible to ease the pain and try to repair the damage done, and these days many people want to do that with natural, chemical-free products. Here are details on some of the most popular soothing remedies for treating sunburn at home.

Raid Your Pantry and Garden for Sunburn Relief Products

Aloe gel can be squeezed onto the affected area straight from a freshly cut leaf, preferably from an older plant. It’s definitely worth growing an aloe plant in your kitchen or garden so you have one on hand. Plain, ‘live’ yogurt has a similar effect.

Another item that can help relieve sunburn is the good old potato. Simply grate enough to apply to the sore parts of skin and soon the starches it contains will cool the burns and provide relief from the irritation. (Gently squeezing the potato in a bowl should make it into a mushy consistency and easier/less messy to apply.)

Lastly, if you have some apple cider vinegar to hand it can be applied directly, neat or diluted, for fast relief. If not, try baking soda, though that will need to be mixed with water first. Soak a clean cloth in the mixture and wrap around or lay over the sunburned area, and repeat as necessary.

The Best Over-the-Counter Natural Sunburn Remedies

Not everyone has the right ingredients or the inclination to treat sunburn with homemade concoctions, and there’s really no need to when there are some excellent prepared yet still natural remedies available to buy. Fragrance free products like Eucerin Aquaphor soothing skin balm containing glycerin are a good choice, as are creams, ointments and lotions which feature honey, tea tree, aloe, witch hazel and coconut oil.

Be vigilant when shopping for sunburn relief products to avoid mistakenly buying something with hidden chemicals. Always use a trustworthy site such as, where sunburn relief products are genuine and natural.

Make natural sunburn relief a priority on those occasions where you get caught out and need fast, non-toxic treatment for your skin.