How to Bring Life back into your Garden during Winter

The winter is fast approaching which, in turn, means a less splendid looking garden awaits us in the near future. It can be difficult to bring life back into your garden when the leaves have fallen off the trees and everything is looking quite dull and rather depressing. Despite the fact that Autumn has to come first, we believe it is better to be prepared no matter what, which is why we have come up with lots of easy ways you can bring life and colour back into your garden space.

How to Bring Life back into your Garden during Winter

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Add more Colours

When people think about the winter, most of us picture snowy scenes, chilly nights and lots of dull colours! An easy way to add extra life into your garden is to sprinkle it with a touch of colour. If you have garden furniture, you may wish to consider sprucing things up with outdoor paint. Pastel shades are particularly popular this year, with shades such as lilac, powder blue and pastel pink making huge comebacks. Outdoor paint is perfect for your garden furniture because it is able to withstand wet weather conditions and even a few layers of snow!

Winter Flowers

You can add instant life and lovely fragrances into your winter garden by including some beautiful flowers and plants that grow well in the chilly months of winter. According to Saga, popular choices include Dawn, Deben and Charles Lamont. For smaller gardens, you might be better suited to fragrant box bushes and plants which can sit by windowsills or can be hung to provide an extra touch of personality into your garden.

Revitalise your Lawn

It’s normal for grass to look a little…worn by the time winter swings around. Before winter strikes, take some time to give your garden a good going over with Hand propelled Petrol Lawn mowers. Chiff Chaff Push Petrol Lawnmowers are perfect for gardens of all sizes. They provide excellent power and performance, ensuring the perfect lawn after every use.

Evergreen Plants

If you’re struggling to find plants that are able to withstand the harsh weather conditions of winter, advises that you choose evergreens instead. These provide instant structure and colour to your garden, helping you to create a stylish garden no matter what the weather!


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