Alloys Of Aluminium

Aluminium is a man-made metal with the identical symbol Al on it and atomic number 13. Aluminium has a very high density lower than that of other substances, at about one third of that of stainless steel. It also forms a protective layer of zinc oxide on the external surface when subjected to air and has a very high affinity for oxygen.

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Aluminium was considered a valuable metal long ago and has been used in architecture since ancient times. Its popularity increased with the discovery of its many uses as a useful metal in the manufacture of swords, knives, armor, firearms, pianos and clocks. It was considered to be so plentiful that it became the metal of choice for almost all engineering processes. Its use as a medicinal metal resulted in the formulation of aspirin and other important medicines. The Greeks and Romans also found a lot of aluminium buried in their crusts, hence the reason why Alumaury, Bacchus and Charoleon have been mythological characters.

Aluminium is often used as it is incredibly durable and strong and can be shaped using Roscamat Tapping Machines like the ones from Cotswold Machinery Sales making it perfect for any project.

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There are three distinct types of Aluminium; Al-crystalline Al-uctile Al-fluidized Al-butadiene Al-chloride Al-salt. The various alloys formed out of these compounds are aerospace and automotive ductile metal, alloys of aluminium and sheets of aluminium alloys. There are also many low-density alloys of aluminium, which are not too long lasting like the bulk Aluminium. Alloys in general have a long lifespan, but the low-density ones like the Al-crystalline and Fluidised Al-ductile alloys need care and attention to ensure that they do not break down too fast.


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