8 Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Diet

let’s imagine for a moment the person who, during the morning awakening, cheerfully smiles to the new day, stretches. The whole day he actively moves, acts, solves many questions, creates, creates, destroys. He is cheerful and energetic. This person does what he wants, eats what he wants, rejoices in everything interesting and new, believes in himself and knows no failures and fear.

He is the embodiment of free creativity and pure energy. This person is you, but at the age of an infant. Look at the child and remember that you once were too, they were energetic and cheerful. Where did all this go?

Imposed stereotypes, malnutrition, anger, sedentary lifestyle, pollution of thoughts and body, aging and illness. That’s what we have replaced a full and fun life. In many ways, our food is to blame. That’s why we will share with you secrets, advice on nutrition, which will help you regain your activity and cheerfulness .

Nutrition tips for every day

We have been told since childhood that breakfast is the main and most important meal. Breakfast charges us with energy, gives impetus to great deeds. But only breakfast is good. According to the advice on nutrition, people who eat well and have a good breakfast do not overeat at night. Supper they are light foods. If you are hungry all day, then in the evening it’s just impossible to keep yourself. In the end, we overeat.

The energy of breakfast and lunch for a healthy diet is consumed throughout the day. And energy from a dense supper is stored in the form of fats, because at night you do not spend it. It is necessary to remember this and distribute food correctly. Proper nutrition will lead you to the fact that you will be energetic and vigorous all day long .
Sutra is perfect for oatmeal porridge with honey and berries, buckwheat, corn flakes, light omelet with vegetables. Among drinks on the advice of nutritionists, give preference to green tea, juices, mineral still water. Lunch is a whole space for a culinary fantasy. You can bake or boil fish, lean meat, cook soup, vegetable soup, soup, nutrient broth. According to the advice on nutrition, one should choose whole wheat bread, bran bread, bread from coarse flour. Vegetable salad will be a wonderful addition to dinner, and also will charge you with vitamins.

When choosing meat, it should be taken into account that there are less bones and fat in the fillet. Beef stuffing is the most low-fat meat. If you can not exclude salt from the diet, a healthy diet recommends adding its minimum amount . But do not push yourself to extremes. Everything should be in moderation.

For dinner, advice on nutrition is recommended to prepare vegetable stew, buckwheat porridge, baked poultry, unsweetened pancakes. If you are not used to cooking in the evening, you can drink kefir and eat biscuits. In addition, an excellent light dinner will be muesli, filled with milk or natural yoghurt. But men need more solid food. This is suitable for healthy eating pilaf, fish casserole. In this you will help multivarka and oven. As for the drinking regime, nutrition advice is recommended to drink herbal teas, freshly prepared juices. Minimize the consumption of carbonated drinks, industrial juices.

Among the fats, according to the advice of nutritionists, it is better to give preference to cold-pressed oils . Treated oils contain chemical additives. And cold-pressed oils abound with valuable fatty acids. Salted and smoked meat, processed foods should be excluded from the diet, as they are teeming with flavoring additives, preservatives, dyes and flavors. Proper nutrition recommends buying fresh meat and cook it sparingly. Choose lean meat, if possible replace it with fish and legumes.

On the advice of nutritionists diet should be varied. Food gives us energy, the necessary substances for all organs and systems. It is in this regard that the diet should be as varied as possible, with products of plant and animal origin. Each product has nutrients of its own use. The most harmful habit, based on the advice on nutrition – the use of monotonous food every day.

To advice how to lose weight, is this: eat less sweets, sugar, syrups, sweets, chocolate, fructose, jelly, jams . Fructose from sugar is not different: it is also quickly absorbed and contains many calories. Previously, sweets were harmless, but now they are stuffed with chemical additives. To useless products can also be attributed dark meat sliced, dried fish, products with an abundance of salt. Among the spices is better to choose herbs and peppers. So you can improve the taste of the dish without resorting to salt. Its daily consumption should not exceed the threshold of six grams. On the advice how to lose weight, you must choose instead of flour whole grains. Try to eat whole wheat bread, millet, buckwheat, rice, oats, grain bread. Products from white flour, as well as white polished rice bring a lot of calories and a minimum of nutrients. In the daily diet should be present dairy products that provide the body with calcium, proteins, vitamins D and B. On the advice of nutritionists should choose low-fat foods.

The most important 8 nutrition tips

Below we give you the most significant and main tips on nutrition :

1. Do not violate the regime of the day, as this leads to imbalance, disharmony of all internal systems and organs. Due to a violation of the regime, gastrointestinal diseases occur;

2. Use only natural food, which is extracted by milking, harvesting, fishing, hunting and is not processed mechanically;

3.A healthy diet is the daily use of five servings of fruits and vegetables;

4. Per day, the body should receive 90 grams of protein, 50 grams of carbohydrates, 30 grams of fat;

5. Clean water is required for daily consumption. Drink as much as you can. Drink a glass of water for half an hour before eating;

6. Important advice on nutrition:  fractional meals with interruptions not more than 3.5 hours;

7. Do not drink while eating, as water takes away the gastric juices, thus interfering with digestion;

8. Eat what you want. Proper nutrition should become the norm, and the process itself should bring pleasure . Come up with new dishes, experiment, find new combinations of products. Eat without haste, thinking about the pleasant and good.

Tips for dieting for weight loss

Tips on how to lose weight include all of the above principles. To this you can add:

1. Do not neglect vegetables and vegetable oils;

2. Choose low-fat dairy products, low-fat varieties of fish and meat;

3. Use systematically multivitamin preparations;

4. Cook food for a couple.

Tips on how to lose weight, recommends avoid:

1. Avoid monotony in nutrition, high caloric intake, excessive consumption of sweet foods;

2. Do not prepare food for future use, and then reheat it. Then you do not get useful substances;

3. Avoid alcohol.

Proper nutrition is a reliable and simple way to beauty and health .


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