5 reasons to download Mozilla Quantum today

The browsers and eternal rivals of decades ago were always Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Until Google launched Chrome and seized a large share of the Internet surfing market.

And it was logical, by then Chrome was the fastest browser in the world, innovated with revolutionary improvements, and snatched Firefox the first place as the most used web browser.

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Nowadays Chrome continues reigning, but that could change since Mozilla has recently launched the so-called Mozilla Quantum, also known as Firefox 57.

5 great advantages of Mozilla Quantum on Google Chrome

1) It is faster

To say that a browser is faster than Chrome sounds weird, and even incredible, but Mozilla’s engineers have done it.

Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as Google Chrome. The pages load super fast and the difference with Chrome is more than remarkable.

The loading times of almost any web page are drastically reduced, something really important nowadays when we need everything to load instantly.

This great speed has been achieved thanks to the rendereizado engine of Quantum, that has taken the place of the old Gecko engine, that in previous versions of Firefox was the one that was in charge of the rendering of all the tasks.

It is also faster thanks to Firefox Quantum allows dividing the processing tasks into multiple CPUs that the PC has, thus improving the processing load of any web.

2) Use less RAM resources

According to Mozilla, Quantum uses 30% less memory than Chrome, which if you are a user who leaves many tabs open will make a huge difference in day-to-day performance.

This is especially useful if you have computers with very little RAM such as 2GB or 4GB, where every megabyte of RAM that you can save will be vital to improving as the PC runs on a day-to-day basis.

3) An amazing look

Apart from having improved in speed and RAM consumption, Firefox Quantum also brings us a renewed look.

The usability and user experience engineers have been successful in making a hyper-minimalist look, with clean, simple interfaces, making it easy to perform any task that the user needs.

Polished edges, renewed icons, clear and defined text boxes also help to improve the look and feel of this beautiful navigator.

4) Organized interface

Quantum allows you to organize the sections that show your browser easily and quickly so that the browser adapts to your needs entirely from the first time you use it.

You can combine in the same area the search box in Google, and also the entry bar of page URLs. It also improved access to bookmarks, downloads, and history of visited pages.

Icons and polished menus for desktop and mobile devices also stand out as another of the great improvements of Firefox Quantum.

5) Incorporate several incredible add-ons

In Google Chrome if we wanted to cut something, we had to install an addon. There are so many, that many times the truth is that it is difficult to choose one.

In Quantum that is already fixed by default, since it includes a native tool for cutting, cutting and taking screenshots, or from areas you select.

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