3 Background Check Options

There are different situations when conducting a background check on someone is appropriate. For example, a school would do a background check on employees or volunteers to ensure they are not hiring a drug user or a sex offender. Volunteers or workers who deal with children, the elderly or anyone else who may be vulnerable should be properly screened beforehand.

1. Drug Screening

Many companies exist that offer a 10 panel drug test. They can check for common drugs in a person’s system and report the results in a timely manner. Drug screening is important to do for anyone who will be handling dangerous equipment or operating a vehicle during their daily work activities.

2. Sex Offender Database

The National Sex Offender Public Website is available to everyone free of charge. It checks the registries of all 50 states, territories, Indian County and The District of Columbia. Results are usually returned within minutes. If the person being searched has a common name, it is likely that there will be a number of results that need to be looked at before they can be cleared.

3. State Criminal Check

Each state keeps its own criminal history records. It is a good idea to run a check for each different state the person in question has lived in. If applicable, a fingerprint check may also be done. Fingerprints are only approved for certain uses. Schools send their employees for fingerprint checks before hiring, as the results are culled from the entire United States. Check with the state department to clear up any questions or concerns about performing appropriate industry-specific background checks.

Performing background checks and drug screenings can prevent issues from arising in the future. By ensuring that the people authorized to do their activities have suitable records and have passed a drug screen, it protects them, the employer and clients.

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