Adding embroidery to your knitted projects

Whether shop-bought or lovingly hand-crafted, knitwear is a wardrobe staple that provides warmth, comfort and style all year round. Adding bespoke details, such as stunning embroidery, takes your basic knitwear pieces to the next level.
Embroidery is the art of applying intricate and beautiful embroidery stitches onto fabric surfaces using a needle and embroidery thread or floss. It provides a stunning and ornamental decoration to your fabrics.

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Embroidery ideas

Adding delicate flowers in contrasting colours will elevate any knitted piece to the next level and provide a romantic and feminine feel.

Add an embroidered collar to your piece for a unique on-trend look. Embroider details in contrasting colours for a bold look or in monochromatic tones for timeless elegance.

Customising children’s or babies’ clothing with delicate embroidered details makes for beautiful gifts for little ones. Hearts, daisies or colourful rainbows in embroidery are perfect to customise clothing.

Embroidered details need not be restricted to clothing; for example, accessories such as hats, scarves or headbands can benefit from added details, as can homeware accessories such as macrame wall hangings or knitted cushion covers and throws.


In addition to knitting and embroidery, macrame is another technique of crafting a textile that uses various knots. Whether you are a complete beginner or an intermediate-level crafter who has already honed their knitting and embroidery skills, macrame is a great skill to master.

A ready-made macrame kit is the perfect way to try it out while completing a beautiful project. For project inspiration, helpful guidance and macrame kit packages, visit a stockist such as Wool Couture.

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The art of needlework is relaxing, therapeutic, and addictive. Adding skill sets such as macrame and embroidery to your arsenal will see you producing beautiful, bespoke, and highly decorative pieces.

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