First Person View, the use of Drones in Filming

First Person View Drone Filming or FPV Drone Filming is a technical term used by elite specialists such as Skypower for the capture of incredible scenes and giving a birds eye view perspective.  Impressive results can be obtained for many different genres of filming, including Nature Documentaries, as the Drones can fly above the ground and get close to the natural habitats of many varied wildlife.  Especially useful when soaring above the crowded streets of London, these futuristic machines are operated by highly trained technicians and they can dramatically enhance the results of a film, documentary or drama series.  High speed car chases or close up views of a rooftop drama unfolding in front of your eyes, these special effects are difficult to achieve any other way so having the use of this technology makes for exciting and revealing viewing.

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Interactive, intense, immersive and exciting results leaving you watching on the edge of your seats as the scenes captured by these cutting edge Dones flash in front of your eyes. Your imagination will be in overdrive as you fly like a bird around the City of London, dodging bullets or squeezing through tight spaces as you evade being captured by the deadly assassin hot on your tail.

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Having the expertise and know-how alongside the technical capabilities the Pilots of these specialist Drones have the legal licences to allow them to operate in restricted areas in and around London.

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