What You Should Know About Natural Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence is something that you, as a human alive in the 21st Century, are either consciously or subconsciously impacted by at all times. Natural Language Processing is one of the most common ways to use AI. In fact, it has completely changed the way humans and computers interface.

NLP – Natural language processing is a computer’s understanding of human language. Human language inherently is something that is difficult for something programmed to understand. It is something unique to humanity. NLP bridges this gap and allows for computer understanding of language for the first time.

There are many ways in which this science is being used in today’s increasingly complex world. One of the ways NLP is being used right now is to translate language in language translating apps. One of the most common uses is in word processing spell check. Another widely known use is the intelligent email filter, where emails are sorted based on information and the individual user’s preferences. Data mining of language that consumers use is one of the most helpful uses of natural language processing for businesses in the modern world. NLP also is responsible for a lot of social media happenings, such as hash tags, trends, and even how ads work. Finally, the most widely used form of NLP today is something that most humans have had access to: Siri and Alexa devises. These are single-handedly changing the way humans interact with their computers or individual technologies.

The way things are going, the world is changing rapidly. This is especially true in the technology world. Natural language processing is going to up its game in the future. Translation apps are going to expand drastically. It has already been established that translating apps are helpful and exist, but as the world becomes more globalized, there will be more demand than ever for more accurate translation tools. We are all sick of email spam, and while spam filters exist already, they are not exactly the best they could be. This will change. The extreme outpouring of information that is available to us at all times is overwhelming us all. While the Internet is definitely helpful when it comes to research of any kind, it will improve in that NLP technology is developing more ways to help to summarize this wealth of information. More things will come succinctly packaged, which is something we all will find useful in the long run.

Picture source: https://pixabay.com/de/arbeiten-computer-programmierer-2874917/

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