What Is The Most Suitable Lighting To Study?

What Is The Most Suitable Lighting For Study?

Take care of your eyesight and performance in the studio, choosing the suitable lighting to study.

  • All activity that involves focusing on a long time the view, as is the study, needs suitable lighting to help us combat visual fatigue.
  • These tips can be useful to choose the suitable lighting for study.
  • Libraries are usually the best-illuminated sites and where to improve your study techniques.

There are a thousand and one tips to study, improve your performance and make you feel comfortable during the long days in front of the books.

But among all the study techniques you consult to improve the effectiveness of your study, you should not forget that external factors are also determinants.

Just as noise is a factor that is not compatible with the study, lighting can also be an element that influences how we study and if this task leaves us very tired or with visual discomfort.

What Is The Most Suitable Lighting For Study?

Tips# Suitable Lighting to study better

These are the two most important conditions that a lighting used to study should fulfill, according to ophthalmologists:

  • The light of space must be homogeneous.
  • The lighting serves to create a suitable environment.

Keeping this in mind, follow these tips to choose your study space:

1. Position of light

It must come from above and above the shoulder of the hand that we do not use to write, to avoid shadows.

2. Type of light

It should be a clear light, that does not cause reflections, nor be very intense.

What Is The Most Suitable Lighting For Study?

3. Table light

It is the most practical for the study, an articulated flexo that illuminates directly the work table and that we can direct the focus to where we are interested.

4. Vary the light

Ideally, it should be a type of lighting that can be regulated, both in intensity and temperature.

5. Natural light

It is the best ally for the study and the least harmful to the eyes, so try to create a study area where natural light enters.

What Is The Most Suitable Lighting For Study?

6. LED lights

They are the ones that give a more pleasant light and the one that more energy saves.

7. Studying at night

Do not use only a flexo, but accompany it with a general warm light.

Lighting is a factor that directly influences the performance of the study, according to a study by the Institute of Science and Technology of South Korea.

When choosing to light and putting yourself to study, you must also take into account the energy consumption that you are doing and that is as sustainable as possible.

For example, use natural light whenever you can choose LED bulbs for your lamps, especially for those who have more time on or reduce the brightness of your computer screen to consume less battery and adapt the screen to the lighting of space.

Remember the importance of letting the eye rest for some time and go to the ophthalmologist if you tend to have eye discomfort, such as dryness, headache or if you have to strain your eyes to focus on what you are reading. You may need to wear glasses and also have options to neutralize the light of the screens and take care of the health of your eyes.

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