some important Skills of the Modern Teacher

Education is a constantly evolving field, which requires that teachers are refreshed and up-to-date with the latest developments. Therefore, to the traditional skills necessary to be a good teacher, it is necessary to add some others that have gained strength in recent years and are essential . These are, in our opinion, the 10 Skills of the Modern Teacher.

The 10 Skills of the Modern Teacher

Traditional Competences

These 6 first competitions (in red in the image) are not new but their importance is increased remarkably for the modern teacher.

# 1 Committed :

It is essential that the teacher is committed to their work and the education of young people. The responsibility that lies in the hands of a teacher is enormous, so he must be aware of it and love his profession.

# 2 Prepared:

Academic training is another of the traditional skills required of a teacher. This requirement is increasing in an increasingly prepared and competent society. The better the teacher is prepared, the better.

# 3 Organized:

Good organization and planning of the course in advance are key factors for the success of the course. It is very important that the teacher properly organize the syllabus to be taught and the time to be able to cover it in its entirety.

# 4 Tolerant:

In an increasingly diverse and multicultural society, it is necessary for the teacher to have no prejudices and to treat all students equally without showing favoritism.

# 5 Open to Questions:

Classroom discussion and collaboration are essential for stimulating students and for putting into practice new teaching techniques such as problem-based learning or the inverted classroom . The teacher should be open to answer questions from his students and be collaborative.

# 6 Storyteller:

One of the best ways to teach and convey ideas is through stories. The best teachers have used this method in their classes for centuries. Due to its effectiveness, this technique is used today not only by teachers, but also by many other professionals, such as marketing specialists in their campaigns.

New Skills

To these traditional competences it is necessary to add other competences associated to the new technologies (in blue in the image). With them, educators become modern teachers.

# 7 Innovative:

The modern teacher should be willing to innovate and try new things; Both teaching techniques and educational apps, ICT tools and electronic devices. The modern teacher must be an “early adopter”.

# 8 Enthusiast of New Technologies:

The modern teacher should not only be innovative but also a lover of new technologies. Whether iPads, projectors or digital whiteboards, you must anticipate your students and be on the constant search for new ICTs to implement in their classes.

# 9 Social :

One of the traditional teacher’s competencies was to be open to questions. The traditional teacher should emphasize this competence and bring the conversation to the social networks to explore possibilities outside the class itself. We recommend our article ” Twitter in the Classroom: Ideas for teachers ” to explore this point in depth.

# 10 Friki:

In the good sense of the word. Internet is the greatest source of knowledge that human beings have known, so a modern teacher must be a curious person. Someone who is always researching and looking for data and novel information that can be used to challenge their students

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