How to choose your wedding flowers

There is nothing quite like the excitement and anticipation of wedding planning. However, an element that is often overlooked is the flowers. Many couples forget to incorporate enough time to decide the right flowers for them, their theme, and their venue.

Before deciding on all details, the specific flower budget must be drawn out from the start. Although it may seem like a small part of the equation, if flowers are an important part of your day, there is a possibility that without a budget you can get carried away. A budget will impact the size and types of decorations. A top tip is not to spread your budget too thin and instead choose smaller but larger centrepieces.

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In terms of the flowers themselves, before picking you must consider allergies! If you or your partner suffer from hay fever this could ruin your day! With that comes the idea of selecting flowers that are in season. With the increasing global transportation of flowers, it can be easy to pick all products from abroad, but why not pick local British flowers that will be fresh and suit the season of your wedding? This is also a great eco-friendly option!

Once you have decided on an overall wedding theme, the flowers will need to fit to this. It may seem obvious however if you were to discuss with a florist about what flowers would suit certain themes there would be plenty of examples of what not to pick. Colour schemes are the same, however, do not worry about trying to directly colour match but instead try and find similar tones for an elegant and varied colour palette.

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If all this seems daunting to you and you have not yet considered booking a florist, then this is your sign. It is essential that you book a florist way in advance, not only to secure the company you like the most for your wedding date but also for ease of stress. Contacting a company such as Florist Gloucestershire will allow you to book a consultation and discuss your vision with a professional.

Finally, a great tip is to go and visit your venue again with your flower ideas in mind. Make sure your theme and colours fit with the aesthetic of the building or structure. Even more importantly, consider the space. If it is a large venue, you will need more flowers and decorations to fill the space. Why not ask the venue how they have previously done this?

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