Getting a modern and clear television signal in the medieval, Market Town of Tewkesbury.

Located in the north of Gloucestershire is the medieval, market town of Tewkesbury, with its significant history around “The War of the Roses” the town has grown and prospered since the construction of the beautiful Abbey there.  Standing proudly at the confluence of the two mighty rivers, the River Avon and the River Severn, Tewkesbury now has a thriving population of over twenty thousand inhabitants. The families that have settled in this medieval town are dependent on receiving a consistent, clear television signal and have turned to professional companies such as that provide a quality TV aerial repair Tewkesbury service to provide them with that.

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The great battle of Tewkesbury took place on fourth of May 1471 and it was probably the most decisive of the battles fought in the “War of the Roses”, to mark the significance of this hard fought battle the town holds an annual festival that incorporates historically accurate re-enactments and medieval displays. The growing local community enjoys these medieval activities and visitors from all over the world come to participate in them and watch them unfold.

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Gathering together at the end of a long, exhausting day of re-enactments and entertaining thousands of visitors the locals love to sit down together as a family and watch the replays of the day’s activities from the comfort of their own homes on their television screens, with a modern clear reception from a professionally repaired aerial.


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