Things to Do in Tewkesbury

The historic market town of Tewkesbury is most famous for the medieval festival that it holds every year. For a town that is rightfully proud of its rich history, it is also a thriving area for modern businesses, from manufacturing companies to these Tewkesbury accountants

Tewkesbury is a popular town for visitors as it offers a blend of everything – if you want rest and relaxation, it is a stone’s throw from both the beautiful Malvern hills, and the Cotswolds area, both of which are areas of outstanding natural beauty. If you want historic sights, then there are plenty in Tewkesbury itself. If you fancy a lively night out, then it is near to the elegant and modern Regency town of Cheltenham, where you will find many bars and clubs, as well as a wealth of high-quality dining options.

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So, if you are planning a visit to Tewkesbury, what are some of the things that you must do?

Visit Tewkesbury Abbey – The ancient abbey has stood in Tewkesbury for hundreds of years and survived the dissolution of the monasteries when the local people raised enough money to save it as a church. The abbey is a beautiful building, attracting many visitors who want to see the beautiful architecture, the stained-glass windows, as well as enjoy the spiritual aspect of the building. There are also some popular tea rooms next to the abbey that you can enjoy after.

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Take a Walk – There are many beautiful and interesting places to walk in the Tewkesbury area. The Severn Ham is a site of special scientific interest due to its unique ecosystem and the fact it forms a natural flood plain. You can also enjoy a picturesque riverside walk, along the banks of the river Avon. You could also walk the River Severn to Apperley. Tewkesbury also has a nature reserve which is a popular place to have a walk.


Enjoy a Meal – Tewkesbury may be small, but there are many popular places to eat in the town – from the Abbotts Table, offering fine dining, to the Italian Restaurant Zitto e Mangia. Staying in the town to eat will provide you with plenty of options, and if you want to travel further afield, Cheltenham is not far away.

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