How to Keep Staff Safe in the Workplace

In all workplaces there are hazards. They differ from one workplace to another, and your risk of injury may be higher with certain occupations – for example a tree surgeon is at considerably higher risk of an accident than an office worker – but it is possible to have a medical emergency happen in any workplace.

From the risk of a colleague suffering a heart attack, to tripping and falling, it is important that workplaces are geared up to deal with these things as this could potentially save a life. By law, workplaces are required to make provisions for first aid – there should be someone who has attended a course like this first aid at work Gloucester based course by Tidal training direct.

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There should also be a suitable first aid kit that is fully stocked and checked regularly. This is to ensure that materials that have been used are replenished as soon as possible and also that items such as plasters which have gone past their use by date can be replaced.

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All employees should also be aware of the arrangements for first aid, and also who the first aider is that they should report to should there be a need for it. There should also be a health and safety executive there whose job is to ensure that regulations are being complied with in order to minimise the risks of injury, as well as ensuring that the first aid qualifications are up to date.

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