Why print marketing is still a valuable business strategy

Despite the significant rise in the digital market and social media presence over the last decade, print marketing such as posters, leaflets and direct mail has been side-lined. However, the future of printing as a business strategy is far from over.

If manufactured in a sustainable way, printed advertisements or brochures are a great way of engagement. Physical copies allow a business to give customers something permanent to encourage them to buy or investigate their brand. Compared to an online advertisement which is fast-paced, prints offer a constant reminder that is less likely to be dismissed.

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Online advertisement is also less likely to reach its target market unless a post goes viral. By sending direct mail and print materials you can ensure that the message you want to display reaches the right people. For example, if you are targeting an audience in a certain area or postcode, or if you go to events to hand out leaflets. This way, you are reaching out directly to potential customers which boosts engagement.

Printed materials will widen your audience, especially if your product or experience is for all ages. Not everyone has constant access to devices or the internet. Therefore, as a business, if you choose to rely solely on social media campaigns then you may be missing out on the whole population group. A lot of people tend to prefer prints too, as it offers them a break from screen time with marketing that is more personal.

Due to the decline in the print market, the use of it could give your business a competitive edge. Media that is physical can help present your brand visibility by streamlining a personalised touch. Customers can also pass physical copies around to friends or family which adds weight to the word-of-mouth concept.

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Because prints are permanent, potential customers may keep the leaflet or booklet in their home and come back to it. This can help produce a constant flow of new customers, due to physical copies being more memorable than media campaigns.

However, this is not to say that you should ditch digital marketing. Instead, a combination of printed and online presence is the key to a cohesive brand that reaches out to the widest audience possible. If your brand design stands out from competitors, the variation in marketing strategies will help your brand become more recognisable.

Companies such as Web Design Cheltenham can help you create engaging printed marketing that will stay relevant in a crowded market. Why not get a quote or some advice from professionals in the marketing and design field?

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