Drain repair vs drain replacement: the pros and cons

Drains are an unseen and rarely thought about part of a property, that is until there is a problem. Drainage systems, like everything else, deteriorate with age, and when you think about what goes through them, day in and day out, year by year, it is little wonder that problems can be fairly common. The nightmare for homeowners in this situation is a recurring problem. There comes a point when the question of whether to keep repairing the system or replace it rears its ugly head.

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The Pros and cons.

The first and most obvious downside to replacing a drain is the inconvenience. If you live in a dense urban environment, the upheaval can also affect your neighbours, which is always a delicate situation to handle. Another thing to bear in mind is if you have landscaping or patio areas over or close to the drain, they could be destroyed during the work, adding to an already expensive problem.

If the property is rented, then dealing with the tenant in this situation can be difficult too. Clearly, this is all a potential minefield. Of course, there may be a situation in which there is no alternative but to replace the drain and you may need to take on the challenge and comfort yourself with the fact that you have a new system that should give you a few trouble-free years as a minimum.

Fortunately, most drainage systems are not too far gone or difficult to repair. A cost-effective alternative to drain replacement is drain lining. New materials and new methods have greatly improved the performance of linings over recent years. Glass-reinforced and UV (Ultra Violet) linings offer practical solutions in a far less expensive approach than replacement. Firms such as www.drainpower.co.uk/drainage-services/drain-lining/drain-lining-windsor/ can explain the materials and process involved in drain lining Windsor and elsewhere. Before panicking about the potential costs,  see for a rough guide to costs for the various remedies.


When the drain leaks, overflows, or backs up, the obvious thing to do, first and foremost, is to seek the help of a professional. A specialist company can survey the problem with special CCTV drain cameras and diagnose the problem. It is possible a patch repair or new linings could solve the problem for the foreseeable future, enabling you to forget about the drains once more.

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