How To Open A Small Grocery Store

How To Open small Grocery Store

A small grocery store has always been in demand. Especially common are those in areas that are distant from supermarkets and shopping centers. In such places, almost at any time of the day, you can buy good quality products. But what about the opening of such a shop and what must be done to quickly increase the level of income?

How To Open small Grocery Store

The advantages of a small grocery store

The above institutions have a number of indisputable advantages. We are talking about:

  • Wholesale shipments. Basically, the management of small shops develops wholesale deliveries and does not force employees to go to purchase goods on their own. Moreover, people working in wholesale companies will always be able to give advice on the most sought-after products in the store.
  • Stocks of products. Almost always, “family” stores buy food a couple of times a week. This avoids the fact that old products will remain on the shelves. As for dairy and bakery products, it is calculated on average for several days of sales.
  • Cheap stuff. To perform the main tasks in this store, you can hire vendors who do not have special qualifications. Cheaper staff will reduce salary costs.
  • Pricing policy, proportional inflation in the state. Often, food suppliers 3-4 times a year raise prices for products. This is due to the increase in the cost of raw materials from which they are made, as well as a change in the exchange rate. It turns out that prices in the shop will grow with prices in the general market.

The specifics of the choice of location

Before you open a similar grocery store, the main task is to choose its location. That is what influences revenue. According to statistics, the good location of the point – this is at least 50% of the profits. In the case of a wrong choice of location, the business will most likely soon burn out.

For a competent choice of a place, it is necessary to analyze the so-called preferred zones in the city and start opening a store there. You should also think about the choice of retail space. His choice depends on which store is scheduled to open. The smallest establishment provides at least 40-50 square meters, while a small supermarket implies an area of 250-300 squares.

How To Open small Grocery Store

Selection of equipment and personnel

For storage of products need to make the purchase of the necessary equipment. We are talking about refrigeration structures, shelves, cash equipment, freezers and so on. In addition, you will need several storage rooms, carts, and baskets for products. Often, in such establishments, homemade products are sold by the type of salads, fish, and meat. For such situations, it is recommended to purchase knives, chopping boards, and other related products.

Many managers do not have much experience associated with the selection of personnel. Then it is recommended to hire a director who is well versed in this matter. He must understand the range of products, proper organization of the working environment and its optimization.

It would not be superfluous to take a couple of sales assistants and sales assistants. Also, it is imperative to take care of the security that you hire yourself or you need to contact security companies. If necessary, you can hire a mover who unloads goods.

How much is the content of a small grocery store?

Before opening, you immediately need to calculate the costs and revenues that accompany this business. Already after the preparation of such estimates, you can think about the feasibility of opening a point. Among the main costs worth highlighting:

  • Room rental
  • Staff salary
  • Buying the necessary equipment
  • Buying products
  • Other expenses

How To Open small Grocery Store

Why should you implement automation right away?

Even in small business, automation is now being actively implemented, thanks to which it will be possible to rely on a good income and convenient management of all calculations, as well as a host of other advantages. First of all, it is worth highlighting the advantages for the business owner and executive director:

  • Obtaining real and accurate information related to costs, profits, losses of one store and the whole network in any period of time.
  • Competent implementation of the assortment management (it is not difficult to recruit product groups and find the ideal ratio of a set of products, correctly determined with the methods of formation of the range).
  • Creation of own production of bakery products, semi-finished products, and salads.
  • Analysis of sales dynamics by types of products and product groups within a specific category.

The most important thing is that you will be practically insured against undesirable actions of personnel, as well as the notorious human factor in business.

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