Motivation tips for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can find their drive and passion from a number of sources. It may be financial stability, freedom, independence, or creativity. Understanding what factors work to keep you productive and on course can help you to tap into your motivation and avoid procrastination.
More than half of business owners start a business to become their own boss, with a secondary motivation being the desire to build something from the ground up. 43% of business owners state that they have never considered closing their businesses. It is important that entrepreneurs find ways to ensure that this level of motivation is maintained, even when facing obstacles.

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Top tips

Turn your passion into a business. For a constant source of motivation, work in a field that truly makes you happy.

Set measurable goals and targets. Make it part of your daily routine to work towards attaining them.

Ensure that you are meeting your basic needs, whether financial, emotional, or physical. Ensuring your needs are met is crucial to staying motivated.

Minimise distractions and surround yourself with inspiration. Find new ways of completing old tasks that make work more enjoyable.

Beat procrastination by breaking your tasks into manageable chunks and rewarding yourself upon completion.

Make your workspace comfortable and enjoyable.

Visualisation and a positive mindset help us to achieve our goals. Make it part of your daily routine.

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Business coaching

Business coaching can be a helpful source of external motivation, to enable entrepreneurs to keep their focus and vision.

When sales are low and stress levels are high, and a business is facing a bump in the road, a Stroud business coach can help to identify both short and long-term goals, turning adversity into inspiration. A Stroud business coach can help entrepreneurs using various tools such as peer group sessions, one-to-one coaching, and online resources.

Achieving success can cause a chemical reaction in our brain, resulting in the desire and motivation to achieve the same feeling again. By continuously evaluating how goals can be reached, motivation will follow.

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