Fire safety tips for your office

Fire can be devastating and rip through a building in a flash. Nobody wants to be trapped in this type of situation so it’s essential to take precautions and also have a plan for the worst case scenario. Any building, whether it is an office building or another type of structure, comes with a set of responsibilities for both the building’s fabric and your employees’ safety. Fire safety is one such area. Business owners are legally required to take all necessary precautions to reduce the risk of fire outbreaks, and to make employee safety a priority.

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A working fire alarm is a legal requirement, as are enough alarms for the number of rooms and the size of the building. Different types of alarms are available, some of which connect to a central call centre to dispatch emergency services immediately. Others require that a designated individual contact the fire brigade while evacuating the office. It is important to have the correct fire extinguishers, especially if your industry is at higher risk for certain types of fires. Signage should also be placed and it must be concise and clear about the actions you want people to take.

Assess the risks and create a plan

It is best to conduct a thorough risk assessment before a possible emergency and deal with any issues that may arise. Employing the services of a professional that can provide you with a Fire Risk Assessment Bristol helps you to make sure that you cover all necessary areas. For more information, visit a site like

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After you’ve completed your risk assessment, you can create a plan for a fire escape and include any emergency lighting that might be needed in areas with faulty electricity or a lack of lighting.

Individuals and Training

It is a good idea to designate one person, or several if your business has a lot of employees, to be a fire warden or marshal. Fire wardens are responsible for making sure that all policies, procedures, and risk assessments related to fire are current and updated. They also check and amend them as necessary. The fire warden can also train other staff in fire procedures, evacuation processes and regular fire drills so that there is always someone on site who knows what to do in the event of a fire and evacuation.

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