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Chinese Style Kitchen In The Interior

Chinese Style Kitchen In The Interior

At all times, the aesthetics of the East attracted special attention. Its penetration into the European, into the Slavic culture, has been observed for a very long time. Undoubtedly, only one, the Chinese style in the interior allows you to touch the most ancient exotic, and it is also a great idea for decorating living space. The Chinese-style kitchen interior is associated not so much with the basic requirements of comfort as with the mysterious Feng Shui – a system that dictates a strictly defined location in the space of furniture, lighting devices, decorative elements, and any other objects. Their location depends on the energy flow of yin-yang, qi, on astrology and other equally specific “sciences.”

In this material, we will discuss what constitutes a Chinese-style kitchen, consider the characteristics of it, a photo. Let’s talk about the ways in which this design idea can be implemented in a single room.

Chinese Style Kitchen In The Interior

Harmony Yin-Yang

Chinese-style cuisine is charming. Each item in it is filled with meaning, and its location is predetermined by the rules of Feng Shui. You may not consider yourself to be among the adherents of this ancient practice, but in such a room absolute harmony will be felt, and a feeling of calm and tranquility will be in the air. Having appeared in it only once, having felt its amazing atmosphere, you, undoubtedly, want to recreate such an island of beauty in your own home. And it is absolutely real. In oriental interiors, the most important thing is naturalness, the use of natural materials, authentic folk products.

The reason for the popularity of such interiors lies in their ability to tune in to contemplation and peace, to harmony within themselves and to merge with nature. In a typical apartment, such designs are created by placing furniture in a special way, as well as using screens, elegant draperies, bamboo curtains, screens of mica and silk.

Chinese Style Kitchen In The Interior

  • One of the main roles here is given to lighting: natural, soft, diffused. It is better to hide bright lamps behind screens, to close sources of blinding light with laconic corrugated paper shades of neutral shades: pink, milky, beige.
  • Chinese furnishings are not just exceptionally comfortable. She stuns abundance of finishes. Developing and producing furniture, furniture makers retain the natural texture, wood color, or put gold, black, red lacquer. Its shape can be concise or intricately curved, the surface painted, inlaid with brass, marble, smooth and carved. Original slides are specially produced for storing collections of carved stone, porcelain, symbolic statuettes of wood, metal. Therefore, the interior, permeated with the spirit of the Middle Kingdom, at the same time will be both functional and aesthetic. At the same time, 100% tailored to your needs.

Chinese Style Kitchen In The Interior

  • The best helpers in recreating such an environment will be items made of elm, teak, mahogany, oak, bamboo, and rattan. Choose elements of decor with calligraphic symbols, decorated with lacquered ornaments. Porcelain figurines of animals, flowerpots, dishes from bamboo, works with silk embroidery look stylish and unusual. And, of course, you have to get rid of sharp corners: dining tables in the shape of an oval and a circle, chairs, padded stools and stools with smooth lines only.
  • Residents of Southeast Asia make rational use of space, equipping niches and arches in the kitchen. Window openings are closed with bamboo curtains or rice paper, decorated with curtains of taffeta, and painted with cornices in colors or gilded. In the east, prefer the abundance of decorative trim.
  • To fully comply with this direction, it is better to make the floor stone. In the kitchen-dining room, they can be covered with a real Chinese carpet. Such products have a uniform background with graphically woven ornamental elements: dragons, flowers, geometric border, and hieroglyphs.

In the spirit of the Middle Kingdom

Since the preparation of a real ethnic design will require a lot of material and time costs, the most accessible and easy way is to create styling. Experts recommend that the kitchen in the Chinese style be sustained in bluish-black, in red and in the light beige color palette. Choose natural materials, because they create an atmosphere that is so lacking in the inhabitants of large cities. Semi-precious stones, bronze, wood, bamboo, can become the composite center of the room, share their living warmth.

Chinese Style Kitchen In The Interior

Kitchen set can be made of mahogany, and countertops made of natural stone. Now on sale, there are kits for kitchens from MDF mahogany, which will cost much cheaper. Any furniture is not difficult to stylize under this style, using Chinese symbols, a characteristic decor, ornaments, inscriptions, images of dragons. Gilded facades with a dark pattern look impressive. To achieve the desired effect, the furniture should be different severity, brevity. In the kitchen, made in the oriental style, as a rule, technologically efficient electric appliances and ethnic attributes are getting along well. The dining area can be successfully beaten by placing an oval or round table with a tabletop made of glass, wood.

Chinese Style Kitchen In The Interior

Wall decoration

For full compliance with the Chinese style, decorate the walls with durable vinyl wallpaper under the silk. They look stylish, noble, perfectly washed, do not fade in the sun, shimmering with flickering “silk” highlights. However, you can leave the surface smooth, giving the walls a neutral background. More expensive option – silk-screen printing. The ornament applied to the canvas with the help of embossing makes these clothes for walls look like luxurious silk matter, creating the effect of the play of light, which is especially appreciated in designs made in the Chinese manner.

Chinese Style Kitchen In The Interior


According to the rules of feng shui, it is advisable to leave windows unlabeled in order to visually expand the space, to unite it with nature. This technique is good for country cottages, whose windows overlook a lush green garden. If you do not like open windows, drape the openings with transparent organza, flowing silk, Roman curtains, rice paper blinds, openwork shutters made of wood.

Artificial light should be soft, but bright enough. Thinking through the light design, take a look at the lamps from fabric, wood, glass, leather, to the hanging lamps, decorated with drawings and hieroglyphs.

Chinese Style Kitchen In The Interior


Chinese style cannot be imagined without decorative gizmos and accessories, because the traditional oriental meal is a whole ritual surrounded by beautiful things. For the walls fit panels with images of flowering gardens, plants, animals, birds. The statuettes of bamboo, ceramics, and porcelain look impressive. They are put on the tea table. By the window, you can place “wind music”, the melodic sound of which will tune everyone from young to old to rest. Following these tips, you will transform your kitchen; make it an oasis of comfort. Chinese style is the best choice for lovers of non-standard solutions, for everyone who is tired of the same interiors, which look like twins. It gives you the opportunity to switch your attention from the daily routine to luxury, to the diversity of cultures that have been around us for thousands of years.

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