After receiving several messages of boyfriends asking a girl about where to choose, or which design is most appropriate to ask his girlfriend to marry them, I wanted to prepare a very special and useful post to facilitate this task.


The first thing to keep in mind is the parts of the ring. A ring generally consists of a band or ring; Second, the setting, which holds the stone in position and finally the stone, which can be diamond, sapphire, ruby or a million more precious or semiprecious stones.

To choose a perfect engagement ring you must take into account the personality and the taste of who is going to wear it and go according to your style: romantic, feminine, modern, extravagant, bohemian…

It is best to buy it in a trusted place where you really have an exclusive and personalized attention.

In this post I want to propose some ideas of engagement rings that I especially like and that I have chosen one by one with much pampering.

An alliance guy, who loves me from the first moment, is this white gold ring with diamonds 740 thousandths with circular shape. It is Very elegant and feminine.

In the same line and with a great personality is one very similar to the one that Kate Middleton appeared, now Duchess of Cambridge, when it was committed with the Prince William of England, and that belonged before its mother, Princess Diana.

It is a white gold ring 18 carat fourteen pieces of diamond and sapphire spectacular.

The world of order rings is wider than it looks. Ideas, forms and materials have no limits. There are hundreds of designs for all styles of bride, from the most classic to the most bohemian.

The most beautiful thing for me, is the eternal of them, regardless of their design. It is a gift that, in good stead, will pass from generation to generation keeping a bit of your history.


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