How Websites Can Help Clubs and Organisations

Every type of enterprise needs a website these days, but some have more specialist requirements than others. Sites for clubs, societies and other organisations for example have different requirements from business sites. They need to cater for the needs of the administrators in managing the membership of the organisation as well as looking after the requirements of the members themselves.

How Websites Can Help Clubs and Organisations

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Whether it’s a sports club, hobby group, trade association or community body, all membership organisations have broadly similar requirements. Creating a website that is linked to a membership system can make the day-to-day running much simpler and less time consuming.  Ensure before you sell your services you use a company like who can test it for bugs using their software testing services.  Ensure that all devices and regions are workable.

Administration Features

By linking the site to a membership database, it’s possible to streamline the admin process so that many of the day-to-day chores of running the organisation are automated. For example you can issue reminders for things like membership renewals, course or conference attendance with minimal effort as well as sending out event details.

A membership management system also helps with sending out newsletters and keeping members updated with activities. In particular it can allow the targeting of information so that it’s more relevant. For example you can send details of an event in a particular area only to members living nearby. This prevents people being sent details they don’t need and of course can cut down on postage costs. You can also allow members to opt in to the type of information they want to receive so they never get sent irrelevant material.

Event Management

If you organise conferences, exhibitions or other events then having a system integrated with your website can help there too. It can allow you to take bookings and payments online, cutting down on staff time. It can also send out joining details, reminders, agendas, tickets and any other materials required in the run up to the event.

Handling ancillary tasks like booking accommodation or noting any special dietary requirements for delegates can be handled online too making the whole process more integrated and streamlined.

Other Features

Having a website linked to a membership management system has other benefits too. You can for example build up an archive of useful information, white papers, reports, etc, for members to access, cutting down on the time admin staff deal with handling requests.

Adding in a members’ shop is another possibility. This allows you to sell merchandise, publications and other items relevant to the society membership. By having an eCommerce system you can take payments online, this can also help with payments for membership renewals and events.

A good, integrated system brings many benefits. It makes life easier for administrators and full time staff as well as streamlining payments and invoicing. It also provides a better experience for members because it offers a self-service portal allowing them to do many things easily and at a time of their choosing which can help reduce the churn rate of members. It’s also attractive for potential members who can see the range of services and benefits on offer before joining.

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