Do you know what drain lining services are

Do you have problems with your drains or noticed that there are some issues with the main drains in the road outside your house? Did you know that in order to replace the entire track or localised area, damaged or leaking drainage historically involves digging up of the road before the renewal can take place. The entry of trees or bushes into the drainage pipes also affects drainage, creating blockages that are also costly, uncomfortable and unsafe for health.

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Excavation and repair work costs can be very high and this is often not protected by building insurance and an in-house method of repair (without the need for excavation) has therefore been created – consumers who need sewer lining can benefit from this effective and permanent method of repair. This is known as Drain Lining.

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In the weakened original drain, the soft structural coating is damaged and requires the installation of new sleeves that then become like a second skin to the inside of the pre-existing pipe. Soft plastic coatings are coated with resin combined with a catalyst and accelerator before being put into the drain, allowing the coating to harden. Then the pressurised air machine extends the liner to the host pipe shape, sealing it to a waterproof state. It is an incredible process to watch.

The compressed air tube is taken out after the procedure is finished, immediately leaving a new pipe in working order. The length needed can be accomplished in one installation and 100m + liners can be mounted on separate occasions, each completed in one day. Huge savings can be made, not just in terms of cash but also in the levels of inconvenience and possible damage, compared to conventional excavation and renewal methods. There is also no need for expensive surface recovery, which also simply leaves places looking strange and unsightly.

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