WhatsApp will allow you to delete sent messages

It is no secret to anyone that Whats App is the most used instant messaging app in the world and recently added new and interesting feature, which is in beta phase for Windows Phone and will allow you to delete sent messages.

As you read it, very soon the option of being able to delete sent messages will be enabled, even before the recipient or recipients reach them to receive or even read.

All this according to information filtered by the account @WABetaInfo in the social network Twitter (account that always talks about news about Android and iPhone), this new and very interesting functionality is currently being tested in beta version 2.17.94 exclusive for and operating system Of Windows Phone smartphones. However, that profile of Twitter was the same that revealed, in December 2016, that this particular feature had already been introduced in version WhatsApp, but for the iPhone operating system, ie for the IOS.

According to what would be the revealed data, the new function was baptized with the name of “unsend” (or in Spanish it would be something like undo the sending) and the recipient will know that its interlocutor decided to eliminate the message for any reason .

It is very important to mention the fact that at the moment the platform has the option to delete the messages, but these only disappear for who is doing the action, while the other person (who received the message) will continue to see it until it decides to delete the same.

Little by little new features have been added to the famous instant messaging app WhatsApp and without any doubt this is just the tip of the iceberg among the many other things that the company is developing and that has kept up its sleeve.

Among other characteristics that are rumored to be added to the WhatsApp, is to improve the quality of video calls much more, so that you can compete now if more side by side with other competitions Apps, such is the case of Skype, who offers Video calls of good quality.

The latest addition to the WhatsApp, was the state (or status in English), a feature that gave much to talk on the internet, as it is speculated that the App will soon become a social network.

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