What to do if your iPhone screen breaks

You were walking without looking at the floor, probably typing in your WhatsApp when you inadvertently stumble and drop your iPhone to the floor. Or maybe you left it on the sofa in your living room and inadvertently slipped and ended up falling. They are common scenarios in which the screen of your iPhone 7 or 7 plus breaks.

Apple is aware that the screen of the iPhone is the most exposed element of the phone, so it is usually a fairly common problem that breaks before the first strong hit against an object, that is why repairing the same will not cost you fortunes, Nor will you have to change phones.

Today we will see what steps to take if the screen of your iPhone breaks so you can fix it without taking risks.

The screen of my iPhone broke: how can I repair it?

In forums, discussion groups and thousands of sites on the internet people ask for help on how to repair the broken screen of the iPhone. Today we tell you how to proceed before an iPhone screen break to have your phone fixed as soon as possible. These are the options to fix the broken screen on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

 A broken screen on your iPhone is something quite common that happens to everyone ever, fortunately, has a solution.

Be patient

First of all, having a broken screen on your iPhone does not mean that the world ends, we know that you need it, that you have all your contacts there, and that if the screen break is very large you may not see everything well There is behind, however you should know that repairing an iPhone screen will take a couple of days .

Now, if the cracks are small and do not interfere almost in the normal display of the screen, maybe you can leave the arrangement more ahead until you really have problems, because chances are that you fall again, and there you will have double Spending money, think about it.

In this case, the best thing to do is to buy an iPhone screen saver, which will allow you to protect the screen much better against any blow and will prevent cracks from spreading on the surface.

Take it to an Apple Store for Repair

The first thing to do is go to the nearest Apple store with this in hand, which comes from the same page on broken screens of the Apple site. With this board in hand, you can already know how much you will get to fix it with Apple’s official warranty.

Comparison table of iPhone screen repair prices on the Apple.com website

As you see in that table, prices vary greatly if you are covered by Apple’s official warranty, if the warranty expired. For example: repair the broken screen of an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus will cost you only $ 29 dollars if you are under warranty, however without it will be $ 129 dollars.

If you do not know if your iPhone has AppleCare + warranty you can check it from this link, then enter the serial number of your iPhone and go.

These iPhone screen repair fees apply to Apple’s official stores. Sending it to the repair center Apple Repair Center usually takes about 4 to 6 business days, and for this shipment, they also charge (of course if … it’s Apple!) About $ 7 dollars.

So as we said before, arm yourself with patience because you will need it, it will take you almost 1 week as very fast to have the screen of your iPhone completely fixed by the official Apple service.

What do I do if I do not have an Apple store nearby?

This happens to many people, over those who buy their iPhone over the Internet and live in places away from Apple’s official support.

Here you can take it to a shop/workshop where they repair mobile phones in general, however you must ensure 100% that they know what they do and that they can fix the problem, you run greater risks than if you take them to an official store, but worse is to stay with The screen without seeing anything.

The unofficial repair service should be good, be sure to read their reputation, reviews, etc, and see if it is a long established business. Especially because if by X or Y leave your iPhone bad, broken, or with some broken function will invalidate the warranty on your phone , and Apple will surely refuse to do any repair on your iPhone .

So if you are going to take it to a workshop of this type, make sure you can fix the problem you have, and any subsequent failure. And something is clear, they will surely charge you above $ 130 dollars the arrangement, we have not seen anything cheaper in unofficial Apple stores.

Tips Before Repairing iPhone Screen

  • Backup your entire device: it’s almost impossible that anything happens to your data for fixing the screen, but we have heard some horror story, so better protect the data you have.
  • Bring your Apple ID password: you may need it to unlock your mobile and disable the ‘Find My iPhone’ option, you will probably be asked to take it to the Apple Store.
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