What Goes into Building an Aeroplane?

We have all missed flying around the world, jetting off on holidays or going to see friends and family in other countries. But at last travel is coming back for many people, and the aeroplanes are back in use. Travel is something that many of us took for granted before the pandemic, but a lot goes into making the aeroplanes that carry us all over the world…

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Pats of planes are usually all made at many different locations by lots of different companies, which all specialise in a certain area. For example, the engines of the plane could be made by one manufacturer, whereas treatments such as nickel composites are done at somewhere like Poetons who specialise in this part of the process. It is all a very complex system, and as each job has to be done to exceptionally high standards there is no room for error.

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One all the parts are made; they are all then moved to one location where they can be assembled to make the aeroplane. This is not the end though – at this point, inspectors will be involved and the new plane will have to pass a series of tests to make sure that all the parts are working correctly and that the plane is safe to fly.

Once the plane has met the standards it needs to fly and carry passengers, it then gets a makeover – paint and interior cosmetic enhancements are made to the plane, which then becomes ready to start its new job with an airline.

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