Top 7 Programs to Speed Up Windows 10

For some time now we have been publishing at the request of our user’s several guides on how to improve the performance of Windows 10, 8 and 7, which are today the most used versions of Windows. Today we are going to show you an article dedicated specifically to programs to accelerate Windows.

You can greatly improve the speed of your operating system manually if we are technical, or we can choose to improve the performance of Windows using specialized programs in it, which with a couple of clicks make Windows increase its speed.

Top 7 Programs to Speed Up Windows 10

There are many programs to keep Windows performing well, sooner or later Windows will become slow if you install many applications, many games or if you uninstall them periodically, or make constant changes to the hard disk of your PC.

It is normal in these cases to notice that the computer is slow, as well as the internet does not work as it should, you may even get annotated slow Wifi, and that’s where these programs can help.

An option that many users use is to format Windows and reinstall from scratch, but that takes time, work and many times if you do not have a good backup of the data you can lose valuable information.

That’s why choosing good software that does all the hard work for you is usually the best choice. Now if, without further ado, we will see the list of seven best programs to improve the performance of your Windows computer.

1.TuneUp utilities ( AVG TuneUp )

AVG TuneUp, better known as TuneUp Utilities is undoubtedly one of the most popular and best programs to optimize Windows speed and keep it optimally at all times.

Its user-friendliness and user-friendly interfaces have made it one of the best applications to optimize Windows 10 with a couple of clicks and without any technical knowledge.

In addition to improving speed, it also includes other functions such as cleaning temporary files, uninstalling programs, disabling them from the boot, checking the state of disk defragmentation, as well as a powerful Turbo mode.

2. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer goes behind TuneUp, it is an excellent utility to clean, protect and optimize your Windows PC.

One of its biggest benefits is to focus on cleaning up disk space with unneeded utilities and unneeded programs, as well as clearing your cached web browser data.

As if that were not enough, it also fixes errors in the operating system to make Windows go really fast. And something that is common to other programs of this style, is that it has an enviable ease of use that even your grandfather could use it.

3. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is an application that focuses on optimizing the operating system and helping you to keep it running at full speed.

With it, you can clean the Windows registry, uninstall programs, analyze and correct errors on hard disks, optimize the use of RAM and CPU, as well as clean temporary files stored in browser cache.

But not only does it help you to make Windows fly fast, it also has some interesting utilities to improve the privacy and security of your files and data.

With it, you can encrypt (encrypt) with a password the documents that you use commonly so that only you can read them at all times and thus prevent outside eyes can see your private notes.

4. Iobit Advance System Care

Advanced System Care by Iobit is a free alternative to other similar but paid programs.

It is first and foremost a complete maintenance and security suite since you can not only use it to optimize Windows but also to protect the security of your PC with antivirus scans through the Bitdefender database and anti-malware at all times.

As for optimizing Microsoft Windows, it offers several utilities to clean the system quickly, perform a disk defragmentation, patch operating system vulnerabilities, and erase system garbage that is slowing down its performance.

5. CCleaner

CCleaner has probably been one of the most popular Windows acceleration programs in history, we have not included it in the list of best ones because although it serves to optimize Windows, it focuses a lot on optimizing and cleaning the Windows registry in order to improve the Windows speed.

It is one of the utilities and tools preferred by users and technicians to do a correct maintenance of Windows, it serves mainly as mentioned to do a cleaning of the registry of Windows, repairs the entries and accelerates the access to the database of applications.

It also serves to clean temporary Windows files, cookies, history etc, and of course also serves to empty the recycle bin and access to recent files, helping not only to speed Windows but also to improve the use of disk space.

6. Slim Cleaner

Slim Cleaner is another alternative to the classic programs to accelerate Windows, makes use of the so-called social intelligence, to give you suggestions about the programs you have installed on your PC, and which could cause them to interfere with the correct performance of the computer, is say, making it go slower.

With Slim Cleaner you can optimize access to your hard disk, unpair drives, optimize your SSD drives, as well as a great utility that allows you to free up disk space by searching for duplicate files in the system.

7. Comodo System Utilities

Comodo System Utilities comes to be the last maintenance utility that we are going to recommend you, it is an excellent alternative to TuneUp Utilities and WinOptimizer.

It allows the user to scan the system for errors that may be causing it to go slow, display them in a results table and then perform actions to solve them permanently.

In addition to the rest, it allows to delete files cache of the browser, clean registry of applications entries, delete unnecessary files, and schedule regular maintenance automatically, without you have to be pending.


With these programs to accelerate Windows, you can have your operating system working at maximum speed always, among our favorites will always be TuneUp Utilities and Ashampoo WinOptimizer, which are our most recommended proposals.

How about you? Which of these programs to speed up Windows usually use more? Or do you have another one you want us to add to the list? Tell us about your experience.


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