The 10 most beautiful laptops

If you are within your plans buying a laptop or just you passionate about the latest trends in technology, then this article you liked.

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You have a look at these ten laptops that according to users are the most beautiful that you can buy today and some in shortly. Acer, LG, Samsung and Razer are some of the manufacturers who will be present in this list.

– ZenBook

ZenBook is the renowned Taiwanese Asus brand. The Asus Zenbook is one of the brands most famous laptop series. These super-slim ultrabooks are not only good to look at, but are also very powerful. In terms of design, instead of using the usual metallic finish found on many ultrabooks, this model makes use of a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 finish, which is extremely tough and durable. It is the first ultrabook in the market that makes use of this design. It has a circular brushed finish that gives a flawless matt sheen.

– XPS 13

XPS 13 is Dell brand. After gradually improving the screen with a new model last year, 2015’s XPS 13 will ship with an even better and truly beautiful 13.3-inch “infinity” display. It has an incredibly tiny 5.2mm bezel on the top and sides. Its texture carbon fiber around the keyboard is very nice.

– Stealth Blade

American brand Razer. Although this is a machine aimed at gamers, the new Stealth has a very elegant design, black color, matte finishes and a sense of premium smooth writing.

– LG Gram.

This pretty minimalist laptop, metallic finish is much like the MacBook Air from Apple , but has an almost borderless screen that gives the LG Gram a sleeker look.

– Apple MacBook Pro.

The slim and spectacular design of metal and black glass MacBook Pro makes it an extremely elegant and beautiful laptop. The Retina display reduce glare maintaining incredible color and quality. Its high contrast ratio results in blacker blacks and whiter whites. And everything in between is rich and vibrant. IPS technology gives you a wide, 178-degree view of everything on the screen, so you will see the difference at practically any angle.

– Ativ Book 9 Pro from Samsung.

The stylish laptops the Ultrabooks line Ativ Samsung are thin and have a curved design on its side edges, giving the feeling that you are floating above the table where it is set.

– Aspire S7

Aspire S7 of the Taiwanese company Acer. While it’s over a year since it hit the market, this model has a beautiful exterior often not seen in computer notebooks. In addition, the white gives a clean and modern look.

– Yoga Pro 900 Lenovo.

The centerpiece of the laptop Yoga Pro 900 is a special hinge that resembles a metal jewelry or a luxury watch strap. Rotate the screen at an amazing angle of 360 degrees.

– HP Spectre of LG.

 It is the opposite of the LG Gram minimalist. The hinge resembles a gold bar cordoned off, and has touches of copper around the team, giving it a luxurious look.

– Surface Book of Microsoft

While this is not 100% a laptop for its detachable screen, style pale magnesium gray gives a fairly modern and classy, ​​unique appearance between laptops, and has a flexible hinge that gives a retro look.

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