Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo’s new and powerful notebook computer features Halo, which is a tactile back lit keyboard that dramatically improves the writing process.

The Lenovo Yoga Book, is a pretty elegant 2-in-1 device and besides this, it is one of the most interesting of this year. The same is a computer but at the same time this is a nice tablet that is characterized mainly by its striking design.

Let’s talk about some of the main features of this powerful device, starting with its Intel Atom X5- Z8550, RAM of about 4 GB, 64 GB hard drive, which can be extended through a Micro SD card, your camera Is 8 MP. As for its connectivity, this offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS and its operating system can be Android or also Windows.

The device has a book appearance, has a thickness of a astonishing 9.6 millimeters when it is closed and when opening it, is reduced to only 4.05 millimeters. Another thing that we must emphasize is its weight, the same is of only about 690 grams, reason why it is a equipment quite thin, light and also very easy to transport.

As for its screen, this is about 10.1 inches, with IPS panel, Full HD resolution, multi touch technology. In addition to all this, thanks to its modern three-axis central hinge system allows a wider and wider opening in the position that the user wants and even can fold up to 360 degrees, which allows a greater comfort to the Themselves.

The battery that Yoga incorporates is about 8,500 Milliamperes / hour and according to Lenovo, there is about 15 hours of autonomy guaranteed for the model that consists of Android and 13 hours for the model with Windows.

Something that is also very striking of this team is that it does not have a physical keyboard as such, but it has a touch surface with modern back lit keys, which although many say is not at all practical, they have an interesting pattern that dynamites what would be everything The writing process that emulates the closest thing to a physical keyboard.

Many say it is a very useful device, but students love it because of the practicality it offers when studying and doing homework.


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