How will be the new iPhone 8

The Apple company has not yet given exact specifications of how the new iPhone 8 will be, what is known is that very soon will go on sale this new mobile device.

Let’s know some of the characteristics that are rumored of how the iPhone will be 8. It is said that Apple leaves the LCD screen on their Smartphone as it will have a curled Oled screen very similar to Galaxy s8 that could cover 100% of the surface of the phone.

But this theory is not very credible since the manufacturer of such a screen will be Samsung and it is very doubtful that this company wants to give this screen superior to the Galaxy S8 to the competition. Therefore it becomes more feasible to believe that it will be a curved screen, with small edges on the top and bottom of the Smartphone.

It is said that the camera of this device has the ability to detect the depths, this way you could create a map of your surroundings, giving augmented reality functions to the iPhone that means that you can combine physical elements with virtual elements.

Which is very helpful, for example, when redesigning your house you could simulate through the camera a sofa and thus visualize in real time how that object will look in your home.

When taking a picture the company Apple also plans to add a blurry background. Which was already integrated in iPhone 7 plus.

It is also rumored that it may have the function of unlocking the Smartphone with facial recognition, however the same company points out that this option is not the safest; It is very possible that they integrate the technology Touch ID, this technology serves to unlock the mobile with the fingerprint.

The new Apple iPhone 8: a direct rival of the Samasung Galaxy S8

The battery has never been the strength of the iPhone but apparently this version could be much better in duration and other aspects compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This company assures that they are working in a very new function, it is a short-range wireless charging method, which allows to recharge the iPhone 8 being on or near another Apple device.

You have also heard about 3 different sizes for the Iphone 8, one of 4.7 another of 5 and the biggest of 5.5 inches. It has also been commented that the first two sizes will have a name like iPhone 7S and 7S plus, while the larger version will have a special name like “iPhone X”, also said to have a special color, which could be red .

There is still a lot of time for this Smartphone to go on sale for that reason until the only moments are known rumors that talk about how the new iPhone 8 will be. As that day approaches, we will know the official details of this Smartphone Which could outperform the Samsung Galaxy S8 for its astounding features

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