Sure your Wi-Fi signal weakens many times, and do not know why or how to fix it. The multitude of physical obstacles between the router and we can cause serious problems with our signal. How about it? It ends with the desperate feeling of not knowing how to get a decent Wi-Fi, and aims these tricks to improve the Wi-Fi signal at home:

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The power of our wireless signal will be lower how much more distance between the router and the room you want to take the coverage. The first step you need to take is to draw a plan of your house and go visiting each of the rooms to check signal quality you get at each location. For those who want a more thorough analysis, they can use programs like WirelessNetView.

Once this is done, it will be necessary to check that your router is in a central point of the house, and that the signal is able to reach all parts of the house almost equally. In addition, it is important that the router is located near the PTR for ONT connections ADSL or fiber connections.

Another aspect we have to consider is the obstacles. This is not to say that you have to remove the walls, doors, windows and cabinets, to run your network, but it does take some steps as not to place the router near a wall, or keep him inside boxes, furniture or shelves.

If your router has antennas, we recommend that orients right in the direction you want to have more connection. And if none of this seems enough, you can try to install a signal amplifier.

Would you like to fix it with your own hands? In that case, you can building a signal amplifier Wi-Fi home. Here are the instructions for making it:

  • Grab a can of soda or beer, scissors, tape and glue to stick to the wall.
  • Cut the base and the top of the can carefully. Straighten the central body of the can until you have shaped dish
  • Use the part that is drunk as the new home base amplifier.
  • Spend your antenna wireless router through the hole used to drink beer, and moves the home antenna until it points to where you want to get Wi-Fi signal

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