Enlight Photo Editor iOS available for free for all

Enlight is one of the best photo editors for Apple’s iOS system. While not as professional as other apps like Affinity iPad, it is quite powerful and easy to use for photo retouching and day-to-day graphics that you may need.

Recently its developers from the company Lightricks have released the version 2.0 of Englight, and one of its great novelties of Enlight Photofox is that it is free.


Previously, the publisher Enlight was $ 3.99 dollars, but since this new update, everyone can have it without having to pay absolutely nothing. Lightricks’ strategy is to make money with the app through subscriptions, perhaps following the success of other apps that changed the business model of paid apps to free apps but with different premium subscriptions for its members.

The idea is that to access different premium options you have to have an annual subscription. However, the free version has a lot of possibilities to improve your publishing productivity in the day to day working from iOS.

If after using it for a while you feel satisfied with it and you need it or if the “premium” options, you can buy them from $ 3.99 per month, $ 19.99 a year or with a single payment of $ 39.99 dollars. Apart from the professional options that only come with the subscriptions, Enlight Photofox in its paid versions also includes lots of graphics and very cool images that we can add to our pictures and images when we are editing them.

Enlight Photofox is undoubtedly one of those apps that you need to have it or if it’s on your computer, whether it’s the free version or the pay version, without a doubt, it’s one of the most powerful image editors you can find on iOS. Let’s see if the new model of payment by subscription is as good as they expect.


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