BOSE creates headphones that cancel the annoying snoring of your partner

BOSE is known for its audio systems that work really well wherever they are used, be it at home, at a party or at work. What you may not know is that they also create great alternative products like headphones.

In this case, we come across the great news that BOSE is trying to save your marriage, if, as you read, the BOSE guys have focused on creating headphones that promise to rest your partner more and that she does not feel bothered by the loud sounds you make when you snore.

Bose Sleepbuds is the name given to these headphones, which unlike normal headphones, are not made to listen to music, but to make you sleep in a better way, in other words, to really rest.

Headphones Bose Sleepbuds:

By looking at them we can come to think that these are simple headphones to listen to our favorite music. They look very modern, and we would even think that they are wireless headphones that connect to some device via Wifi or Bluetooth.

However, they were not created to listen to Arjona, Luis Miguel, much less to Justin Biever, but they will make you sleep in a way you never did before.

The BOSE Sleepbuds are headphones created to cancel external noises, yes, as you read it. That is to say, when you put them on, they will cancel any type of noise around you, including that of the annoying snore (or even gas) of your partner that wakes you up night after night.

Who did not have to tell our project “You’re snoring,” “Stop snoring,” “Turn around,” so that the snoring would end, and then the minutes would start again.
Bose promises us that with these headphones you can block any noise around you, whether they are snoring, barking dogs, cat fights, even if you live near a busy avenue or in a central area, you can cancel the annoying traffic noise.

Surely you will be thinking … how can I hear the alarm clock if I use them? Well, everything is designed by BOSE, because these headphones also include an alarm clock that will act as an alarm according to your schedule.

Being a revolutionary project and where it is not known if it will succeed, BOSE has launched a crowdfunding campaign, and so far they have already raised close to 500 thousand dollars, something that will undoubtedly allow them to start the first set of headphones for sleeping

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