Avoid being robbed Wi-fi in your home

There are several methods to find out if someone is stealing the signal of your wireless connection, since the signal gain of a neighbor is not as complicated as some people think it is.


Why change the password WiFi?

Keep in mind that there are many pages that collect keys WiFi connection, so it is advisable to change it.Rename the WiFi is also important, since in many cases, both the network name and password are left as manufactured and the risk of intrusion mail.

How to find out who is using my WiFi

There are several useful programs that help you discover who you can be stealing wifi.Here we mention the best known:

For Linux: Angry IP Scanner and Wireshark.

For Microsoft Windows: Wireless Network Watcher, Microsoft Network Monitor.

For Mac: One highlight is Mac OS X Hints.

There are also programs for Android devices such as: Fing, Network Discovery, Net Scan.

IPhone / iPad: Fing, IP Network Scanner, iNet.

Another very interesting application is “Who is on my WiFi” (Who is on my WiFi), which runs in the background and shows who is connected and over what time does.

These programs apart from being quite useful, help you to know who may be stealing WiFi, but only if it is connected to the time when the scan is made.

To find out if someone steals WiFi at the time it is, what is recommended it is to enter the router.Once inside the router, there is a section of DHCP, which must have a section of “log” or good pueder be connected recording equipment, which shows the addresses of devices connected to the router.

Most likely in these cases is that IP addresses change, so it would be much better to use the MAC, which is something like the signing of the wireless device, ie a single data device. In fact one of the recommendations to ensure your network is to configure the router so that only allows connection to MAC addresses registered

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