Amazon, ready to fund Essential Phones by Andy Rubin

Amazon is a company that is always innovating, either with its own developments or investing in large projects. And they have a lot of money, Jeff Bezos recently became the richest man in the world, so money does not lack to boost projects and dreams of many entrepreneurs.

Such is the case of Andy Rubin, the original creator and founder of the Android operating system. Rubin left Google a long time ago and is working on his next project: Essential Phone, which now seems to have Amazon’s support in the level of money destined to his investment.

Mobile Essential Phone Andy Rubin seems to be very serious because to have approval from Amazon will surely have very innovative things compared to today ‘s mobile.

It is speculated that the new mobile will have these specifications Processor: Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM, storage of 128GB, double rear camera 13Mp, front of 8Mp and run Android operating system

In its first round of financing, Rubin has gotten $ 300 million from both Amazon and other major companies like Foxxconn and other technology giants.

Essential Phone aims to be a serious competitor of high-end phones like Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, so its price will be around no less than $ 700 dollars.

According to the Business Insider review, what has aroused the great interest of Amazon has been that it will have perfect integration with Alexa, the intelligent speaker of Amazon.

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