Alternatives To Microsoft Picture Manager

We all know that Microsoft Picture Manager is a very powerful tool for image management, either professionally or simply amateurishly, but fortunately there are several equally powerful alternatives. In today’s post we will explore the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Picture Manager.

Top 5 alternatives to Microsoft Picture Manager

Let’s start with the alternative software listing to Picture Manager so that you can leave behind the Microsoft app, and start using other alternatives equal or better.

1. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is interesting viewer, organizer and also affordable image editor whatever your level of knowledge. It really has everything you need to be able to manipulate photos on your computer and its results for everyday use are very attractive.

2. Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is an interesting graphic editor specialized mainly in photographs and with which you can retouch any image until satiety. In Photo Pos Pro you will also find a variety of tools, as well as filters and effects with which you can correct and improve your creations.

 3. Paint.NET

If you need something more powerful than Microsoft Paint, but not as complex as Photoshop, Paint.NET is what you are looking for.

This interesting photo editor so well designed, offers a wide variety of powerful tools and options that you are sure to find only in the big programs.

Paint.NET gives you the possibility of simultaneously editing several images (large or small), allows you to work in layers, save a history of changes (versions) that you have done so that you can undo them easily, and As if that were not enough, includes a large variety of drawing tools (such as brushes and geometric shapes).

4. Google Photos

Google Photos, or just Photos, is the new Google image gallery (formerly Picasa). You can make a backup in the cloud of all your photos, apply curious effects and organize your entire gallery automatically, as if by magic.

Google Photos would be replacing the Photos section that was installed next to Google+. Before it also had many pretty interesting functions, but it is now when it has made a jump of quite quality.

 5. VSO Image Resizer

It is another of the alternatives that we bring for you, in this case, the tool additionally to the handling of the images, offers a powerful and advanced graphic engine that allows to make resize or resize in a fast and efficient way.

Its installation is extremely simple and its use quite intuitive, so virtually any user with basic computer skills can operate without any problem

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