A new way to escape to the Country

If you’ve had the pleasure of watching daytime terrestrial television you’ll know that apart from medical soaps, antiques and general knowledge game shows the TV producers like shows where people with enough money buy houses that they want. One of these is Escape to the Country where some rich urban dwelling people decide enough is enough and they want some nice comfortable cottage out in the Shires. Have you ever wanted to do that but you’re not blessed with the deposit that they have? There is an answer especially if you are over 55 and looking to retire and downsize.

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Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire offer the chance to escape to one of the country’s most beautiful rural counties. However, these are much more affordable than the Cotswold stone mansions that the people in the shows seem to be set on owning. View the latest park homes for sale in Gloucestershire so that you can get started.

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One of the best things about the Park Home is that it gives you the accessibility to the countryside that you want but also has a realistic reach of the city and towns that will support you. So, when it snows, or more likely floods, in those areas that the Escape to the Country people have chosen, you’ll still be able to get down to the shops and the medical services plus, most importantly, the pub.

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