What’s so special about a country pub?

A British country pub is an extremely special place.  Although sometimes it may be something of an effort to get to one, they are always worthwhile when you do.  A fantastic range of craft or even specialist beers are usually on offer and there may also be some suitable lunches and dinners to be had.  They are the perfect Halfway House to go on a country walk or a pleasant End to one very long ramble.  It’s one of the reasons why so many people look to get Finance For Pubs so that they can own one and be part of the myth. A good thing to know then is that Specialist Business Finance is available should you need it.

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The country pub is not only a place for a ramble.  It features heavily in films and books as being the place where the weary traveller will wander in after experiencing some trauma in the local fields and Woods,  or it is their first introduction to the strange locals that populate the village they have come to.

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Aside from the folk horror aspect a pub is also a place where there is humour and laughter and it is not uncommon to find the “village idiot”  outside,  a flagon of strong cider in hand ready to impart some skewed wisdom to anyone who will listen.  They are also usually one of the oldest buildings, next to the church, in the village so their architecture is interesting and in many respects quite romantic.

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