My cat is aggressive

The cat is always seen as a little ball of hair, cuddly and playful, with whom one imagines oneself spending wonderful moments. On the web, cats have become real stars and make them dream of more than one. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that cats are felines with strong personalities and that they can sometimes exhibit aggressive behaviors that must be deciphered.

The aggressiveness of a cat is often explained by its emotions, its character, its lack of socialization with humans and other animals or its origins. It is also possible that a cat becomes aggressive after experiencing violence or a traumatic experience. Here we find some possible attacks in the cat:

Different possible aggression

A history of territory

Let us not forget that the cat is an independent cats first and foremost, territorial and predatory. Its aggressiveness can turn against other cats or other animals like the dog and sometimes against people if it feels are endangered territory. Everything will depend on its degree of socialization, so it is important to get used to the presence of other animals and people from an early age. It may not be easy but necessary for everyone to live in perfect harmony!

A desire to play

Perhaps you have seen your cat jumping abruptly on you and biting your calves ? He tries to tell you something … he gets bored and he wants you to play with him !! Do not hesitate to take time for him, to have fun with him … give him toys during your absence! He loves scratches that awaken in him his predatory instinct and he greatly appreciates the cat grass!


A hungry cat can become aggressive . Is his food sufficient? It must be of good quality, rich in protein 30% minimum and animal origin in good part! Think of the kibble dispenser that will allow your cat to eat whenever he wants. Cats like to nibble but be careful not to exceed the recommended doses!

A session of cuddles far too long

Beware of excessive cuddling, the cat does not like to be kept forcibly. It can turn against you, become aggressive and scratch you! When you stroke it on your stomach, if you see his tail stirring, his eyes fixed on your fingers and the pupils dilate, stop immediately stroking him otherwise he will throw himself on your hands and bite you !! ! I have experienced it and I can tell you that it hurts! But do not hit it, it’s totally useless! The cat can not stand being touched too long there. It is the most sensitive part of his body! Respect it!

A fright

A cat can become aggressive when a noise surprises him, he gets scared. It’s a self-defense reflex !! Her hair bristles, her tail grows. It can blow and grind loudly. Do not get close, wait until he calms down to caress and comfort him! Never corner a cat against a wall, his reaction will be very aggressive or even violent because he is afraid and feels trapped!

A disease, an injury

A sick or suffering cat can be aggressive. It will be her way of protecting herself and preventing her from being hurt further. Gently put a towel around him to take him to avoid getting scratched and take him to the vet to see what he has and receive a cure!

To conclude, in the face of your cat’s aggressiveness, it is important to stay calm and try to understand why he has such behavior. It is by observing your cat that you will be able to remedy his problem and find solutions to enable him to regain his calm! In larger or more severe cases, you will be able to resort to some treatment, call on an animal behaviorist and use Feliway solutions to calm your cat naturally.

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