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More and more consumers use the online shops as a stage to see, as they do when they go for a walk and watch shops. The Internet has changed the lifestyle of consumers is something that few would argue. The network has appeared and has introduced new behavior, I changed that already existed and changed the habits of people in general.Things are not as easy and simple as might appear before and consumers are becoming more connected, are seeking more information and details about the things that interest them. Increasingly have access to more data, more and more scenarios can move them to discover more things and have more and more elements that change their buying habits.

Online Business
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Consumers are now moving in a mobile world, where smartphones have become a new key to buy or to access information while you are shopping in a physical store and which allow to stay connected and always in touch with friends, which makes buying much more social than ever. They also move in a world where things go faster and they want to have everything at the time more effectively and efficiently and, equally, one in which there are fewer and fewer borders and fewer limitations. Internet has made can buy anything to anyone, anywhere.

But that’s not all that has changed. The network is also changing how products are discovered and how the first contacts with brands or things that may be of interest are made. Exit ‘window dressing’ is no longer something done simply stepping on the street. Now internet has a lot to say in this area.

More and more consumers who are dedicated to using the network as a tool to discover new products and entering the online stores not only to buy products or compare prices but simply to see what there is and the products sold . As not everyone comes into a physical store to buy and sometimes only going to just walk around and discover new things, consumers have started to use the Internet as a gateway to recreate those same behaviors.One could say, perhaps, is born a new type of consumer, the ‘visual consumer’, which does not come to buy but just to look.

As online shopping incorporate consumer feedback (increasingly) and more and more information related to the products they sell, the potential for establishing these relationships and that these behaviors occur is increasing. Consumers have an excuse to go and see. What they are doing is accessing that content is to see that information, which makes you feel even more inclined to access content and navigate through that information as an element of value in itself.

The network is also an interconnected scenario, in which almost everything ends up pointing at the same stage and in which consumers may end up hitting the online stores from more and more locations.

How to strengthen and take advantage of this reality

And this reality must be taken into account when establishing their own brand marketing strategy and when they are trying to reach consumers.They have to be aware that consumers use their online store not only to buy the product directly but also to see and find out, what makes an eCommerce conversion is ever more complex. This is not only to see how the online shop becomes direct sales, but to have a much more complete picture.Sometimes, the store works just as a way to discover new products and as a land that can convert indirectly.

Brands need to promote this new reality in which consumers not only will the online stores to buy but also to look and find products. Enhance consumer feedback is a great idea, as consumers used the online store as a reference scenario in which no one will buy, but also check what others think. The other tips are often tools that help sales, as they often interrelated products positively and organically.

Help consumers to make new discoveries is another way to harness the growing interest of online shoppers the latest news and things that might like it. Create systems efficient and effective recommendations (those that bind a product with many others who might like to the consumer and make it an effective way) get grab the attention of consumers and add an element of great added value.

The best way to make all this become an actual sale or to generate more value to the store than simply an increasingly loyal and interested traffic is to create wish lists, people’s wishlists. In them, the consumer can save all those products you are interested in a potential shopping list, which eventually turn into a list of the ‘real’ purchase when you decide to spend to discover and simply look to buy.

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