8 Super Useful Tips for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur today is a full-time job. You have to be good in various fields and be able to complete tasks of different types: build marketing strategies, talk to suppliers, relate to customers, create your website and much more.
This is why entrepreneurs know that to be efficient, they have to choose the right tools to increase their productivity.

Wix is ​​the entrepreneur’s best friend. To meet the needs of entrepreneurs, we create a list with super useful tricks so you can keep your business organized and profitable.

Use Artificial Intelligence to Create Your Web Page

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is a revolutionary technology that creates beautiful web pages based on your instructions. You only need to click two or three times so that your web page is ready to be published. For now, ADI is only in English, but we are working to be in all languages.

 Move with the Wix App

Many tasks related to running a business need an office, business or study, but with Wix App you will be totally free. This App allows you to manage your business from anywhere, directly from your mobile phone. Update your blog, communicate with customers, check the orders to your store and much more!

Prepare E-mails

The programmed emails are an incredible function that will help you communicate more and better with your customers and followers. This system is easy to use: you simply have to create triggers that are programmed to respond to an action of your visits. For example, every time a visitor subscribes to your newsletter, you will receive a welcome email already prepared.

Program your social networks

The content of social networking is a fantastic marketing and promotion method for small businesses that have a limit on their budget. To maximize the results of activities on social networks you have to make sure you are frequent and consistent.
But it is difficult to be active all the time What is the solution then? Schedule your publications in advance, so that the time does not matter, always be active.
Facebook has its internal publishing programming tool , but you can also use tools like Buffer or Post Planner for other platforms.

Talk to your Visits

Needless to say you have to provide the best service possible. Unfortunately, no matter how many hours you work, you are not always able to provide assistance and answer questions.
Instead of leaving your visitors adrift, let the Automatic Chat Live App help you. This App is written with your visitors when you are offline and creates a conversation.
It’s great (and very reassuring) to know that your users are being served, regardless of whether you’re busy.

Simplify Your Accounts

Online store owners will be thrilled to get to know Wix Invoices , the tool that allows you to send invoices and receipts and accept payments online, without complications. Wix Invoices makes it easy for both you and your clients to do the math.

Try to Do a Thing at a Time

Yes, we know that since we were little, they taught us that the more we do, the sooner the better. But several studies show that sometimes multitasking is not exactly the most productive way to complete tasks, on the contrary, it can sometimes distract you.
So why not try one thing at a time? As long as your agenda does not focus on just one item, we recommend making a calendar for each task separately. For example, one task may take an hour, another, two and a half and so on.

Organize Your Files

Disorganized folders and files can significantly lower your pace, since you’ll be too long looking for what you need.
Organizing your computer and your printed papers is not the funniest job in the world, but without a doubt one of the most important. There are different methods to accomplish this, try some and once you find one that works for you, stick with that one

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