4 steps to achieve professional fulfillment at work

Do you think it is Utopian to believe that one can find happiness at work? Yet this is what a majority of workers want to develop professionally. To achieve this, it is necessary to meet certain basic needs by going through certain stages.


Do you know Maslow’s pyramid? Developed in the 1950s by Abraham Maslow, this theory is based on a pyramid of growth and human development. To reach the top of the pyramid, you must meet the different needs leading to your evolution and your personal development.

This theory also applies to the work context. Here are the 4 steps to reach so you can reach the top of your “professional pyramid”, and so you achieve professionally!

Orient your career

Staff: The base of the Maslow pyramid is represented by physiological needs, that is to say, eating, sleeping, dressing, etc. To be able to reach the next level, it is necessary to meet your physiological needs.

Professional: Professionally, the base of your pyramid is your career choice. In order for you to go to the second level, you must make a career choice in accordance with your personality, interests, values, aptitudes and professional ambitions.

Choose your work environment

Staff: The second level of the Maslow pyramid is the need for security. Everyone needs to feel safe and to move in a healthy environment to be able to go to the next level.

Professional: Security in the course of employment corresponds firstly to job security that gives you your job, and secondly, to the work environment in which you work daily. To have that sense of security, you must share the values conveyed within your organization and adhere to its culture. Your sense of safety at work will help you reach the next pyramid level.

Integrate with your colleagues

Staff: The third level of the Maslow pyramid is the need to belong. It is about the need to belong to a group of people and to feel accepted.

Professional: To integrate you in your work team, it is important to have a good attitude and get involved in projects and social activities in your workplace. This sense of belonging to your work group will allow you to move to the fourth level of your professional pyramid.

 Continue training

Staff: The top floor of the Maslow pyramid before reaching the summit is the need for self-esteem. This need is expressed, among other things, by recognition, independence and autonomy.

Professional: As human beings, we need to do work that allows us to feel useful, appreciated, stimulated, and in which we can assert our skills. One way to do this and to build self-esteem is through ongoing training. In addition to stimulating you, taking courses related to your professional duties may allow you to get a promotion.


The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.