Why Underfloor Heating is Becoming More Popular

Underfloor heating is a great choice if you are considering getting rid of your gas boiler. Underfloor heating systems are becoming more popular for many reasons – here are just a few of them…

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No Need for Radiators – Space is something that we all want to make the most of in the home, and with underfloor heating, there is no need to have radiators stuck all around the house on the walls. Because the system is under the flooring, you will not have to worry about it taking up any space in the home.

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Work with air source heat pumps – Green energy like solar panels and air source heat pumps are becoming more in demand as we need to reduce carbon emissions around the world. Getting an air source heat pump installed by a professional like this air source heat pumps Gloucester based company is a great way to improve your green credentials.

Underfloor heating works well with air source heat pumps, and this is another reason why more people are opting for it in their home.

Energy Efficiency – One of the big reasons for the surge in popularity when it comes to underfloor heating is the fact that it is much more energy efficient and easier to control the heat in the room. With a radiator, the temperature is higher in the area closest to the radiator, and it can then be hard to regulate, whereas with underfloor heating, it is spread evenly throughout the whole room.

Underfloor heating also doesn’t need to heat to such a high temperature, so if you are looking for a heating system that reduces your fuel bills, this could be suitable for you.

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