The alternative power sources

There is absolutely no escaping from the fact that our Oil and Gas Supplies are running low.  estimating how long we have left using these power sources is difficult to quantify.  The reason being we are not using them at the same levels as we were in the 1970s and 80s,  however when the generally agreed time scale is that by 2060 there will be nothing left.  This does not take into account the discovery of new sources,  such as the controversial development of shale oil and gas,  or the continued mining of the North Sea and the Middle-East.  More importantly, the effects of burning fossil fuels on the environment have become a massive cause for concern.  Keeping to levels of global degrees that are suitable for everyone is a  considerable challenge.

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Alternative fuel sources are generally considered to be the answer. One of the most commonly known is that of solar power.  This is partly due to the fact that anyone can have solar panels fitted to their homes making the property self-sufficient for electricity. Solar Panel Installation Clevedon based are one of many firms that can successfully add these important additions to your home.

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Other sources of alternative power can stem from utilising waves,  or water through hydroelectric dams,   though these are costly to make and also create other environmental challenges.  The other most well-known example is that of wind power.  Be prepared to see more of the turbines that are dotted around the country increasing

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