Set up the new house – our best tips for the first facility

Often one does not have the opportunity in life. This is why you have to use it when it is yours. Set up a new home. It is something else different than moving from one apartment to the next with the same furnishings, and staying at the same square foot in the living room. But most of the time the point comes in life.


 The living room is for many people the center of the house – watch out for the decor!

There must be more space for different reasons. So that the necessary equipment goes hand in hand. For additional spaces require more furniture, decoration and accessories.

Once one has a chance to start in setting up from scratch, you can still do everything right and to bunch together the best furniture. Whether you are looking for a large apartment or a house, you will find the ten best tips for furnishing the right furniture and the right decoration to make living fun.

In which style do you want to set up your house?

Firstly, you should agree with the parties who are entitled to vote for which style you want to decide in general. This depends not only on your personal taste, but is also influenced by the fundamental style of the building. Of course, even a solid concrete building can be transformed into a princess lock with the help of the right furniture, but whether this contributes to a holistic harmonious optics is questionable.
If you prefer, you should orient yourself to the building conditions and work with them. On the search for styles you will find that there is a variation of regional and historical styles. As a rule of thumb you can keep in mind that you should mix a maximum of two different styles. Everything else is overloaded and confusing. Clear structures are important for you to get involved in the living room and can feel at home .

What colors should the furniture have?

Decide for a basic tone for each room and then buy most of the furnishings in the same color or in the same color family. You can then set color accents with smaller pieces of furniture or decoration. Even with the wall design you have extremely much leeway to give a room a personal touch. Whether you want to swing the brush yourself, stick a wallpaper border or opt for a wall tattoo, remains entirely up to you. For example, you have the possibility to integrate inherited pieces of furniture into a modern furnishing.

The new house with used furniture set up

 In the bedroom furniture, too, they can combine old pieces with new furniture. Hardly anyone can afford to completely rebuild the new house from top to bottom, and many of the furniture that is already in their own possession is not to be separated. You might get lucky and you can stay your previous style faithful and your old furniture can be placed perfectly between the new pieces without stand out. If this is not the case, you do not have to give everything away, sell or throw away. Virtually every piece of furniture can be modified by hand and design, so that it can be adapted to the new style in the new house.

Also the furnishings cost a lot of money

All too often in the house construction or house purchase forgotten in the budget is included that you also need for the new inventory financial resources. On the one hand, you can first place your old furniture and look at it as the whole is furnished at all. Which colors will arrive well in the daylight, which falls in and the size ratios can be assessed better for you. It is not recommended, just because the budget is overloaded by the purchase, now to save money and only buy the cheapest. There is more to be expected and special offers or final sales are made when high-quality furniture is offered. In many furniture houses you can also negotiate good discounts with a large shopping.

What floor in your house?Parquet or laminate? 

On the ground you have all sorts of possibilities to contribute to the design of the furniture. Whether tiles, laminate or carpet, the options are unlimited and the color scheme is also highly flexible. White parquet, neon green runners, what the heart desires, is also available. You can confer with the type and color of the ground the whole room a certain tone. When choosing the ground, it is also important that you plan ahead. Have you ever planned children or have you been playing with a dog for a long time? Then you also decide which flooring the floor will receive. In the rooms where you are most likely to come and visit, it is advisable to choose a hard-wearing and clean floor.

Curtains and blinds make the house comfortable

The windows are the eyes of a house. Through you look out. You will open the windows if you want to call for your children or provide the house with fresh air. The windows can significantly contribute to the furnishing style. Heavy velvet curtains or blinds slats modern, no matter for what you and your house of type, there can be found a solution. Curtains are often also draped in a decorative way and are no longer used in the actual sense, to darken the room and as a visual protection. Let yourself be inspired in the specialist store or relevant magazines, which is all possible with regard to residential ideas with curtains. In addition to the living room, children’s rooms or even the kitchen can be spiced up. For the bathroom, the most practical solution is, by the way, the milk-glass foil for the window because of the damp-warm climate.

The right lighting for your room

A beautiful house comes with the right lighting to the full. Over the lighting you have another great and exciting possibility to influence the overall effect of your premises. Indirect and warm light is nice for the sofa corner. To set a great painting in scene, it may also even be right radiator Hidden Spots in soil or LED strips on the glass shelves -. Your imagination is almost set no limits. The various light zones of a room, lighting level, targeted shadows and the type of light sources can be arranged by a professional light planner. The skilled person knows how to bring to bear the inner workings of your rooms best . For a more cost-effective inspiration, we recommend an excursion to the DIY store or to the lamp compartment of the furnishing. Many things can also be designed quite simply.

Garden and balcony to match with

Balcony or garden also need a suitable facility. Here, too, you will certainly live. The style of the house must also be reflected in the exterior, so that the whole harmonize with each other. Table and chairs should be available to enjoy the time outside. But also decoration elements and the colors of the plants can be matched with the rest.

Residential ideas from the furnishing as inspiration

Tips and ideas to make your home more comfortable, residential ideas around the kitchen, bathroom and garden and ideas for living and setting up are available at a reasonable price in all the furnishing houses. In order to present the furnishings presentable, furniture shops build artificial, open flats, in where you can view the items offered in service. Look at the decorative context and let the colors and textures blend together. Here, professionally trained and trained decorators and installers are at work. Also in the various online stores the various rooms are beautifully designed, so you can be inspired and buy the furniture there too equal .

Stay faithful

Sure, it’s a lot of fun to try something new, use crazy style elements, and sometimes paint a wall in neon pink. But does that ultimately match your personality? Remember with each purchase, with every trend and consulting with all the great ideas always that your house you ultimately should reflect as a person. You spend a lot of your time in your own home and this should be yours and make you happy. Living in your home should remind you of a real home

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