The Most Interesting and Modern Colors of Planters

The modern flower pots have become one of the most demanded decorative accessories for the decoration of gardens and interiors.

A modern garden is built from one or two ideas or simple objects: just a good sculpture, a waterfall or pots or containers sober and not overloaded to mark its contemporary character.

In the world of interior decoration of modern environments and gardens, flowerpots or containers play a very important role. This new concept of planters and terracotta planters offer an elegant and modern decoration that transforms the space, combining with the rest of the elements, creating spaces and unique atmospheres.

A good example are these compositions full of art and sobriety, with a style of simple lines and plants generally of small format, which enhance in a special way the whole.

Light up your plants with colorful pots

The plants are beneficial for our health, our mood and help to give life to our gardens, terraces and interiors, it is because there is nothing better than colors for us to find that joy that we can never miss. The pots, especially in the home, will play a key role in this work, since they are not only pots to deposit the plant, but a whole resource with which to enhance it.

Light, color and joy

A colorful flowerpot helps your flowers capture the attention of everyone. It helps to illuminate the darkest corners and gives them a personal touch. All the flowers can be the same, but their pots cannot, and from this, it depends on your garden shining with its own light.

They are especially useful to give life to shady interiors or whose decoration is too sober. A brushstroke of color will break with the austerity of the room and will bring a more relaxed atmosphere. If you decide to put flowers in the children’s rooms, there are pots with drawings and designs ideal for a children’s environment.

If you have variety is the taste, in gardening you have many possibilities to fill your house with colors as large orange planter. ¬†All materials are at your fingertips: terracotta, ceramic, glass, metal … and of course, their formats: planters, baskets, and wall pots, square, cylindrical, abstract … The important thing is that the color and the joy prevails where you have them.

Protagonism and balance

A detail that you cannot ignore is that not all pots are suitable for any plant. Maintaining balance is essential: if we place many flowers in a very colorful pot, we will only be able to remove them from the spotlight since so much color can stifle their brightness and, in addition, cloys.

It is important that you keep in mind the design: those of a single color are easier to combine than those that present drawings or prints. In this case, we recommend that you use plants with dark leaves and, if possible, without flowers, or that they be very small. The contrast contributes to the attention we both deserve.

Another of the combinations that we recommend is that you place one or several large flowers, without leaves. The gerbera or the tulip, for example, look great in a pot of one color. If it is neutral (black or white), plant many flowers, very showy. First of all, try that the set is not exaggeratedly colorful, nor too poor. Remember, balance and protagonism.

Trent Boult
The writer of this article currently manages his own blog and is managing to do well by mixing online marketing and traditional marketing practices into one.