How to outline your room: 5 best idea

How to outline your room: 5 best idea

During the repair, you take care of your bedroom, and after that, she takes care of you. And if you managed to achieve harmony between your desires, fashion trends and design advice, be ready to become happy. Because there is nothing more pleasant than to fall asleep in a room that embodies your idea of beauty and comfort.

How to outline your room: 5 best idea

 The dream will be pleasant and strong, and in the morning it will not be disturbed even by curious sun rays that peer through the curtains to also enjoy a successful combination of shades and decor of your bedroom.

1. Show of one actor

White walls and ceiling – a simple solution that visually increases space, creates a neutral, fresh interior beyond time. In addition, this approach saves money spent on repairs. However, we must admit that the monotonous light interior looks a bit boring. If you do not have enough color and volume, do not rush to bet on a new wallpaper or a flashy shade of paint – use textiles for decor. After choosing the main tone and pattern, drape the windows, canopies, armchairs, sew covers for decorative pillows and blankets for the bed. This design will transform the most ordinary-looking interior.

2. Exclusive solution

An entablature is a beautiful word that you want to pronounce with French pronounce. This architectural composition consists of three parts: the eaves, the frieze, and the architrave. The cornice closes the junction between the walls and the ceiling, then goes the architrave – an elegant figurative element, and this elegant ensemble of friezes completes – a relief strip that runs along the perimeter of the ceiling. It sounds just as beautiful as it looks.

The entablature was previously performed from gypsum and it was possible to meet them only in respectable interiors. Today, thanks to polyurethane, it is not difficult to recreate the classic or lightweight version of such architectonics. The bedroom, designed in this way, looks luxurious. In this case, it is not necessary to put expensive furniture in the Art Deco style and to gilt cornices. The entablature perfectly combines with the loft style and with minimalism, adding a bedroom of charm and charm.

3. Constructive approach

The use of wood for decoration is not at all an original solution, but only for a country house. The decoration of the walls with wooden panels in the bedroom is a bold and modern choice. The simplest option is plywood. You can wall it one of the walls to modify or adjust the geometry of space. Or go more complicated way – to create a geometric composition in the form of three-dimensional squares and paint them with water-based paint. This little trick will easily simulate the English classic interior with the most minimal means.

In the decoration of the walls also use floor coverings: laminate and parquet board. Even an ordinary wooden paneling will transform the monotonous interior and make the room exceptional. Not to mention valuable wood species. The closest wooden cover is to historical and ethnic architectural styles. However, if you use the tree occasionally and in combination with other types of finishing materials, this eco-friendly decor will fit into a variety of interior images.

4. Not the finishing touch

The bed is the central component of the whole bedroom. It is the epicenter of comfort and the monopoly of peace. The choice of a bed is a question, on the one hand, intimate, but on the other – public. After all, as you know, they meet on clothes. Pay attention to the soft interior beds. Among other designs, it is the kings in the realm of comfort and convenience. Take at least one indisputable fact that you will never again hit the corner of the bed.Familiar? Then some more pluses. Practical upholstery made of eco-leather makes it easy to clean the surface of drops of coffee or children’s art.Sufficient choice of shades allows you to harmoniously fit the bed in the interior. Most soft beds are equipped with a lifting mechanism, which allows you to effectively use the space under the mattress for storing bed linen. And finally, the soft back not only looks chic but also very convenient when reading or watching your favorite movie.

5. Natural Harmony

“I like flowers, I would add them to my life,” said the heroine of the movie “Holiday on Exchange.” It is difficult not to agree with this laconic statement.What can be more beautiful than the aroma of fresh peonies or saturated colors of tulips? And the color of fresh greens awakens not only the appetite but also contributes to the improvement of the emotional state of the whole organism. Your choice is to put a living plant or decorate the bedroom walls with wallpaper with a natural pattern. Each of these options has its own advantages. Flowers in pots improve the microclimate, refresh the air and prevent the settling of dust on the furniture.

However, there is not always a place for breeding a winter garden. In this case, give preference to one large plant – it can be placed near the bed if it is located next to a window or in a corner of the room where a sufficient amount of daylight falls. Wallpaper with a picture in the form of leaves or flowers – beautiful color therapy for a tired mind. If they accentuate the longest wall in a narrow room, the bedroom will look more square. A small floral pattern, located diagonally, will make the small bedroom bigger.

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