10 tips to decorate your home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that, from the arrangement of the rooms, the use of color, type of decoration and how to place furniture helps to harmonize spaces to create a more harmonious home. Here we give you some tips for decorating your home according to Feng Shui.

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  1. The flowers are very important in capturing the positive energy or “Chi”. A white vase with fresh red or pink flowers improves relationships, Jasmine is the plant of friendship, peonies, loyalty…
  2. In Feng Shui have to use candles as they symbolize the miracle of fire. Better if they are natural fragrances, such as these of vanilla , berries or apple-cinnamon.
  3. One of the guidelines of this method is the presence of music at homeEspecially in the living room. Fosters good conversation and invites relaxation. Install some speakers like these and let yourself go …
  4. Avoid rooms-storage,, i.e.  those rooms that are only used for storage. The recommendation for these spaces is to find an application, thus preventing them from becoming “stuck” places. Therefore, you do not use that room that can be reconverted to a reading or relaxation, in an area of ​​iron, a mini gym and a playground. In addition to revitalizing energy, you’re gaining useful space in your home.
  5. The entry is part of the house that speaks to us immediately and should be a welcoming space, lit with warm lights that let glimpse a bit of the house. It is advisable to avoid placing mirrors opposite the entrance, since they reflect the Qi, the vital energy, and would leave the house.
  6. The living room It is the place of coexistence and should be welcoming. It is advisable to paint the room warm colors. If there is an area dedicated to television or reading corner, it is convenient to put something green, a color that clears eyes, like a plant or flower. The chairs and sofas should look at the door, to see who comes. Similarly, it would be preferable to have a single sofa L- shaped, rather than two sofas facing each other, where Qi escape. Finally, instead of a lamp on the ceiling, it is better to have several points of light on the walls.
  1. Since the kitchen is the place where food is prepared, it should convey joy and serenity. The dining table should not be in the flow rate, but on one side, and diners should not sit with his back to the window or door. The lights should be of three types, if possible a more subdued for the morning, an intermediate and more intense, so when cooked. Furniture should be made of natural materials such as wood and warm colors.
  2. To promote rest,the room should be in the depths of the house.The head of the bed should lean against a wall without windows and should not be on the same axis as the doors and windows, while the feet are not to look at the door. Suitable colors are relaxing, but if you need some energy, it is also perfect burgundy color, combined with an ocher, to bring light.
  3. The ideal place to store each object will be as close as possible to stay where it is located, or in a place that has a similar energy. For example, it is positive to keep the blankets in the room itself. It will not, however, place them in the hall, bathroom or cellar.
  4. If you store objects under the bed must be well clean and tidy and must maintain a relationship with the bedroom sheets, comforters, bed spreads…. It is advisable to keep shoes, luggage and electrical appliances, as well as to distort the magnetic field, are not objects that relate to the type of energy own bedroom.

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