10 tips for children safe at home

Home — it’s where kids grow and learn, the place where they find comfort, love and care. It’s where they can see, touch, explore and experience the world around them, so their minds and bodies develop properly. It’s also a place where kids need to feel safe.

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Image Source: Google Image

1- Be vigilant

Parental vigilance is required for children safe at home. Never leave a baby unattended while in the bath, on his high chair or changing table. Also, always make sure to pick up hazardous materials after use, turn your wrists pans to the stove, not to let hot liquids out of reach of children and soak the hot pans in water post-cold use.

2- Ranger properly

Storage allows to be organized and to prevent access to the child material or harmful products. Always store the dangerous and sharp objects in an inaccessible drawer. Moreover, it is advisable to book a closet in height and equipped with an anti-opening security system for toxic products.

3- Use protective accessories

Protective accessories are tools that enhance security at home. A barrier can be in the kitchen entrance to prevent baby there between when the environment is not totally safe. This same barrier can be installed in front of the stairs. For dangerous products, it is advisable to favor cylinders fitted with anti-opening security system and containing Bitrex (= very bitter substance that grows to spit out the product immediately). Thermostatic mixing valves that let flow only water at the desired temperature which can be installed on the faucet of the shower. In addition, the windows should be fitted with a safety system which makes them more difficult opening. It is also advisable to use corner guards and set the furniture on the wall helps prevent injuries to children.

4- Prevent Drowning

It takes only 10 cm of water to cause drowning in the baby. This is why he should never let a child unattended in the bath and use a bath suitable for toddlers. In addition, it is strongly recommended to install a fence with a padlock around the family pool.

5- Beware of burns

The kitchen is the most conducive environment for burns. Use an oven whose door is always cold and store equipment after use can prevent the often serious injuries. Also, keep the child away during meal preparation will keep away from the dangers.

6- Remove baby where you need it

It is important to always attach the child on the high chair and the chair back against the wall to avoid falling. We must focus the child’s sleep in his own bed adapted (with bars) rather than for parents where they can easily fall.

7- Teach children

Do not hesitate to teach children about safe behavior from an early age. For example, it must be taught to always turn on the cold water before hot tap water, do not touch electrical outlets, etc.

8- Preventing Falls

Slippery floors, carpets, stairs and windows can be the source of dangerous falls for children. It is therefore important to ensure their safety. Install non-slip mats in the bath avoids awkwardly to all family members.

9- Buy safe toys

The recommended age on the packaging is a good indication of whether the toy is suitable for the child. Thus, toys for toddlers do not contain small pieces that can be swallowed and do not include choking hazard.

10- Check the equipment

Check the condition of the equipment of the house is essential to prevent accidents. Care must be taken to bare or worn son, the broken toys, etc. For more reviews visit http://www.c4bb.org/

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